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A Fond Farewell To The Daily Wire

We are told, and for very good reason, never to go into business with friends. In coming aboard the Daily Wire last year, Jeremy, Ben and I violated that rule. And this was something all three of us were aware of and concerned with. We’ve been friends a long time. There was also the fact that we very much disagree on the biggest and most consequential issue of the day, one Donald J. Trump.

Now, before I go any further, I don’t want to make it sound like it was all disagreement. It wasn’t. I remain awed by Ben’s fearless warrior spirit when it comes to fighting for free speech, especially on campus. I have only been in the middle of a leftwing mob once. That was enough. And “the good fight” doesn’t even begin to describe the Daily Wire’s willingness to enter the field of battle on behalf of those who hold traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs.

But the Trump thing was not easily dismissed, and a quick look around will tell you that it often erupts into a bitter and nasty situation. We’ve all lost a few friends over The Donald.

Nevertheless, promises were made, contracts were signed, and good faith was promised all around.

Then the rubber met the road.

And what I discovered is that Jeremy and Ben not only kept their word but went beyond even that. Not only was I allowed to publish piece after piece after piece they vehemently disagreed with, not only was I allowed to publish direct challenges to something Ben had written, I was regularly encouraged to do so.

And it wasn’t only this. There were other things. Things that are none of your business. Just know that in all things they are gracious, uncommonly decent, and generous.

That included my decision to resign, to go back to Breitbart News.

This is the best job I have ever left. By far. Therefore it was not an easy decision to make or one that was made lightly. So why did I make it? Well, you see, I was there nearly a decade ago in a guy’s basement when that guy pushed the button to launch his namesake. There’s history there, a lot of it, and the pull of history is no small thing. Also …

Breitbart News and the Daily Wire are two different animals. Both are great sites, both are wildly successful at what they have set out to do, both fight for what they believe in. But after more than a year here, I feel that my admittedly narrow skill-set (which is best summed up with the word belligerence), that whatever I am capable of contributing to the movement (if anything at all) is a better fit at Breitbart. Like the Army and Navy, both sites fight. I just think I fight better on the water.

I’m going to leave a lot of people out, but I want to thank everyone at the Daily Wire for making me feel welcome. Our editor, James Barrett, had to deal with me every day, and improved everything I did with his skill and judgment. Amanda Prestigiacomo is so smart and funny and such a good writer, I could not even get angry with her for finding all the best stories before I did. I’ve been a fan of Joseph Curl’s for years and he is now the guy I’d most like to have a beer with. Hank Berrien, Robert Kraychick … Well, you are all great. Please wish me luck, please stay in touch.

And to you in the Daily Wire community, especially those of you who regularly told me to “take my love for the Mango Mussolini back to Breitbart” — you know where to find me.

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