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FLASHBACK: When Chris Matthews Said Fight For SCOTUS Would Be ‘Spanish Civil War’

They say “be careful what you wish for.” Next time MSNBC’s Chris Matthews should think long and hard before he calls for a “Spanish Civil War” over a SCOTUS fight.

Back in June when Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, leftists were up in arms over who would replace him, with many fretting about the fate of their beloved Roe v. Wade. One of those men, of course, was none other than Chris Matthews of MSNBC.

Speaking to Ali Velshi, not only did Matthews predict the fight would be the “Spanish Civil War,” but his only advice to Democrats was to play as dirty as they could by blocking Kavanaugh at every turn. Matthews did not call for peace or level-headedness; he called for an absolute block in a situation he predicted would be like the “Spanish Civil War.”

“So I would say, I think this is going to be the fight of the century,” Matthews told MSNBC host Ali Velshi. “I think the Democrats have to say ‘No way, non pasario, no one passes this line.'”

“I think it’s going to be almost like Spanish Civil War stuff,” Matthews continued. “You watch the next few months.”

At the same time, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer(D-NY) said that he would oppose Brett Kavanaugh with “everything I’ve got.”

As it stands, Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of attempted rape 35 years ago by a woman with no corroborating evidence or witnesses.

You got your wish, Chris.

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