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FLASHBACK: CNN’s Reza Aslan ‘Wished’ A Republican Congressman Would Get ‘Raped’

Do you believe a large mega-corporation like Time-Warner, a multi-national greatly concerned with public relations, would vet the social media accounts of potential hires, most especially hires who will anchor a high-profile program on its cable news network, the left-wing CNN? Of course Time-Warner and CNN do, which means they were a-okay with their star (and literal cannibal) Reza Aslan publicly wishing a sitting Republican congressman would get raped:

That is a real tweet from 2012, y’all — that is a real tweet, a real sentiment, the doubling down of a CNN anchor who is wishing the horrific crime of rape on a fellow human being.

And still he landed a high-profile, weekly show on CNN.

But you see, this is okay with CNN because Aslan is wishing a rape on a Republican.

After all, it is not like Aslan did something truly horrific — you know, like wearing an Obama mask to the rodeo.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, when The Congressman Aslan Wants To Get Raped was running for the Senate, The Congressman Aslan Wants To Get Raped said something stupid about rape.

That is the context of Aslan’s tweet.

But what does the context matter, when …

Reza Aslan publicly wished that another person would get raped … and CNN still hired him?

Keep in mind this is the same Reza Aslan who just two days ago called President Trump a “piece of sh*t.”

And this is the same Reza Aslan who then deleted that tweet with the lie that doing such a thing is “not like me,” even though that is exactly like the Reza Aslan who wanted to see a congressman raped, and who has called Trump a “piece of sh*t” before and who has profanely lashed out at pretty much everyone on the political right.

The problem here is not Reza Aslan. These raging, hating, human flesh-eaters are everywhere on the Left.

The problem is that CNN, a left-wing cable news network that makes no secret of its desire to see Trump assassinated, normalizes these freaks, and this is by design. In its relentless quest to destroy the political right, CNN wants race riots and fake news and Russian conspiracy theories and cannibalism and presidential assassins and political violence and the raping of Republicans normalized

And so, CNN normalizes and folk heroes and makes stars of those who put forward those demonic ideas.

Any other questions about why I call CNN Hitler?

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