5 Reasons YOU Are The Real Terrorist. Yes, You, Law-Abiding American.


Speech is terrorism.

Gun ownership is terrorism.

Being in the government’s crosshairs is terrorism.

Islamic terrorism, however, is not terrorism.

That’s the message today from the Obama administration and the media left, who have declared that San Bernardino’s radical Islamic terrorist attack last Wednesday wasn’t in fact about radical Islam or terrorism. As Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on NBC’s Meet The Press, Americans should avoid “trying to define” the Islamic terrorists; she said she couldn’t “say definitively” whether or not they were “radicalized” Muslims. She said this on Sunday. That was the same day La Stampa interviewed Syed Farook’s father, who explained that his son “shared [ISIS leader] Al Baghdad’s ideology and supported the creation of the Islamic State.”

So radical Muslim terrorists aren’t radical, Muslim, or terrorist.

But you are a threat to America.

Yes, you.

Here are five reasons you, the innocent American who hasn’t shot up a recreation center while pledging allegiance to ISIS, are the problem.

1. You Own a Gun. President Obama is slated to speak tonight on the “urgent” matter of gun control, despite the fact that the suspects obtained their guns legally before altering them, and obviously didn’t care too much about the law anyway – they manufactured 15 pipe bombs. But no, the problem is you, the gun-owner. The New Yorker ran a cover in the aftermath of the attack showing John Q. America and Wife buying guns from the supermarket. They’re the threat. The New York Daily News termed National Rifle Association head Wayne LaPierre a “terrorist.”

So, you see, if you want a gun to defend yourself against a terrorist, you’re a problem.

2. You Don’t Like Radical Islam. Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged last week to prosecute anyone who used “anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence.” Meanwhile, at The New York Daily News, a newspaper so desperate for readers that they’ve apparently turned over editorial to the comment section at Salon.com, columnist Linda Stasi compared the terrorists to shooting victim Nicholas Thalasinos. Why? Thalasino posted on his Facebook that he wanted Ann Coulter for Department of Homeland Security head and wanted to see God blow up Iran. Yes, clearly that’s the same thing as actually murdering 14 people. But Stasi refused to count him among the innocents. Just like Pamela Geller or the YouTube “Innocence of Muslims” filmmaker, those who say anti-radical Islam things are guilty and deserve death or prosecution.

3. You Call The Cops When You See Something Suspicious. We know that a neighbor of Syed Farook’s and Tashfeen Malik’s was suspicious of their activity. He didn’t report it to police for fear of racial profiling. You, however, would report such activities to the police – because, after all, see something, say something. Well, you’re a terrorist. That’s why Loretta Lynch is investigating the Irving Police Department for rightly detaining Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed for bringing a bomb-like device to school. The school is the problem.

4. You Think That There Should Be Evidence Before We Remove Your Second Amendment Rights. According to the Democratic Party, if you aren’t willing to deprive anyone on the government’s terror watch list or no-fly list of their Second Amendment rights without evidence, you’re a terrorist-supporter. Never mind that there are 700,000 people on the terror watch list, that it requires no evidentiary standard to be placed there, and that you are not notified of your presence on the watch list. You must lose your guns because someone with your same name – but not you — once had a friend who had a sister associated with someone suspected of connection to a possible terrorist. And if you don’t agree, you’re a terror-supporter.

5. You Don’t Agree With Barack Obama. If you’re a pro-lifer, you’ve been linked with terrorism. If you’re anti-gun control, you’ve been linked with terrorism. If you’re anti-radical Islam, you’re driving terrorism. If you’re anti-Syrian Muslim refugee unvetted importation, you’re driving terrorism.

So congratulations. You’re the problem. Those terrorists in San Bernardino, however – well, the jury’s still out.