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Five Reasons Obama’s Climate Change Agenda Is Dangerous Bulls***

By  Ben Shapiro

President Obama’s speech at today’s Climate Change Summit in Paris contained some of the shallowest thinking ever put forth by one of humanity’s shallowest thinkers. Obama explained that the Climate Change Summit itself represented a “powerful rebuke” to Islamic terrorists, for some odd reason, as though ISIS fighters sit in Raqqa desperately hoping to hear that the global bureaucrats have failed to come to a paper agreement over carbon emissions. “What greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshaling our best efforts to save it,” Obama said, idiotically.

Truth be told, Obama and his allies are the ones who would like to tear down our world. The goal of the conference isn’t careful planning of environmental regulations designed to balance the human need for cheap energy with the environmental need for climate predictability. No, instead, the goal is to destroy civilization’s upward mobility by restricting its use of natural resources based on shoddy science.

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