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First Sex Doll Brothel Opens In Germany

By  Paul Bois

The dystopian vision of Westworld is one step closer to reality. The first ever sex doll brothel has just opened in Germany.

Located in Dortmund, the new brothel, aptly named “Bordoll,” invites paying customers to have their way with any one of their 11 silicon dolls for just €80 an hour.

You might think “Bordoll” is helmed by some guy still living in his parents’ basement but, surprisingly, no. The owner is Evelyn Schwarz, a 29-year-old woman.

Bordoll’s ​website offers a profile of each Asia-imported doll, all of which have a name and unique aesthetic. “Possible service” options that the doll can give “passively” are also listed.

Aesthetic selections range from “real” to “skinny” to “fantasy” to “anime,” and the dolls come in an assortment of different body types and hair-colors.

“The ladies are real dream women,” the website reads, claiming that the dolls are “extreme high quality” and are “always willing.”

According to Schwarz, Bordoll has become rather popular; the dolls are now booked 12 times each day to men of varying ages.

Customer satisfaction is apparently high, since roughly 70% of them return for a second visit. Schwarz claims that the majority of the men have “tolerant” wives, who wait in the car as their men do their dirty business.

Schwarz has only had to replace one doll thus far, after one customer apparently broke it.

The sex robot trade has become the newest frontier on the libertine front, with more and more manufacturers producing life-like renditions of the fairer sex year after year. David Levy, author of Love and Sex With Robots, sees no problem with this.

“I see nothing wrong from an ethical point of view of having sexual relationships with robots,” he told Time.

Some sexbot manufacturers have even begun to put personalities in place for their machines, and provide artificial intelligence, with the ability to show jealousy and neediness (who on earth would want a sexbot that comes with the worst attributes of a girlfriend?).

That aside, since sexbots appear poised to become another cultural plague worse than porn, polls are now being conducted to see where the public’s sensibilities lie regarding the use. It turns out many people in Britain — roughly 36% — have no trouble with the idea of getting it on with robots. This applies more to men than women, with two-thirds supporting the practice.

According to a report in Metro, a significantly high number of Brits say that sex with a robot would not be cheating.

“The NOW TV survey reveals that 40% of British people would not consider having sex with a robot cheating,” reports Metro, and if that’s not bad enough, “39% of British people think that by 2050, we’ll regularly be having relationships with robots instead of each other.”

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