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First Images Of Joaquin Phoenix As ‘The Joker’ Revealed; Fans Respond

By  James Barrett

Amid reports of more internal turmoil about how to proceed with the struggling DC cinematic universe, Warner Bros. has leaked video of an upcoming film that’s already creating hype and controversy — the stand-alone, “darker,” “grittier” Joker origin film starring Joaquin Phoenix.

The casting of Phoenix for the role has created some buzz not just on account of the actor’s acclaimed acting chops, but because Jared Leto is still slated to return as the Joker he introduced in “Suicide Squad.” The Phoenix-starring, Todd Phillips-directed film, however, will be disconnected from the other DC films, which, like Marvel’s series, are designed to intersect.

As The Hollywood Reporter puts it, the stand-alone Joker film is expected to “veer off-center from the traditional Batman canon,” with an even more disturbing portrayal of the serial killer driving the film. The film will also have a significantly tighter budget than its blockbuster counterparts, reportedly just $55 million.

While some fans have been skeptical of yet another Joker-starring film, the risks DC is taking have some people hoping to see a truly unique superhero film. Amid the buzz, Warner Bros released the following first-look at Phoenix in the iconic role:

Below are more leaked images and video of the new Joker as well as some reactions:

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