‘F***ing Crazy’: Joe Rogan Slams Big Tech Censorship And Its ‘Woke’ Ideology
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Joe Rogan slammed censorship by Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter, calling out its “woke” ideology to remove “harmful” content.

During Rogan’s “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast on Tuesday, the host spoke to guest Daryl Davis, a musician, activist, and author of “Klan-Destine Relationships: A Black Man’s Odyssey in the Ku Klux Klan,” and Bill Ottman, an internet entrepreneur, free speech activist, and CEO of Minds, a blockchain-based social network, about the censorship on those platforms to eliminate dissent of unpopular opinions that those companies consider “harmful.”

“So it seems like there’s an issue with many social media companies where they want to censor bad ideas,” Rogan explained, suggesting that part of the reason is because they aren’t willing to do the “work involved” to “slowly but surely” introduce people to better ideas.

“It’s exhausting,” he added. “So what Twitter does is like, ‘F*** you, get out of here.’ Instagram does [the] same thing with all these people. But the problem with that is then it goes further and further and further … down where you’re getting rid of people for just not agreeing with you.”

Ottman said even the Left now realizes that “deplatforming causes more severe radicalization” and questioned if it was being done “intentionally” by Big Tech sites.

The podcast host disagreed but said that “there’s an ideology that is attached to all the big tech companies … you have to be what they think is woke.”

“You have to subscribe to a certain line of thinking, and anybody that deviates from that line of thinking should be suppressed, minimized, or banned,” Rogan shared. “They’re not trying to radicalize people. … They’re just foolish in their approach. … The CEOs have to virtue signal … they have to say, ‘We’re doing our best to stop harmful talk.’”

“But what they call harmful, like, a lot of it is like disagreeing with pharmaceutical companies, which is just f***ing crazy!” he added. “Like, these are the lyingist liars that ever lied.”

Later in the conversation, Rogan brought up that the United States came to be because someone didn’t like the way things were going in the 1700s and wanted to try to do things different.

“We are here because someone didn’t like what was going on in Europe in the 1700s, and they took a chance on starting a new system,” Rogan explained. “A system of self-government that was a complete experiment. And it had never been done before in the world, and that created the United States.”

“And the idea that you, the f***ing tech dorks, are going to step in and say, ‘No, this is dangerous thinking,’” he added, as he and his guests talked about Twitter thinking it’s above the First Amendment.

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