Fight The Left: Get In Shape

The Right will do better if it is sexy and fun.

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By now if you are very online, you will have heard that Megan Rapinoe, professionally arrogant woke chucklehead (I mean, um, inspiring women’s soccer star and empowering feminist icon) will be representing the famous lingerie company, Victoria’s Secret. So will plus-sized model Paloma Elesser and various other “women inspiring change and positivity.” I hear there will be a podcast involved, but to be honest I don’t know much else about it because I physically felt my testosterone levels dropping as I read the story. I didn’t get far past “inspiring change.”

If you are not very online, God bless you. No, really, you are to be congratulated on your positive life choices and I am sorry to burden you with this cursed news. I apologize, also, for sharing with you the following quote from a video on the Chinese intelligence asset (I mean, um, totally legit social media app), TikTok: “Actively not wanting to be fat is fatphobia.” Okay, that’s the worst of it, I promise. Just be glad I didn’t make you look at the smug face of the little dweeb who said it.

Anyway, I do actually have a good reason for inflicting this stultifying content upon you. It is part of a new leftist effort to demoralize and undermine the American people, and I would like to suggest some things you can do about that. First: what is going on here? Well, with summer coming and the country opening back up (despite the Left’s best efforts and thanks to the Trump VaccineTM), the cultural Marxists who run our dying institutions want to make sure that the natural exuberance of the season doesn’t give us any ideas. If left to our own devices, we might go out, get some sun, maybe run around a little, and try to get in shape.

One thing could then lead to another, and we might even enjoy the health of our bodies, encouraging each other to do likewise. Perhaps, if we start dealing with our national obesity epidemic on the personal level, we might learn a thing or two about personal accountability and self-reliance. Most troublesome of all, men and women might find one another attractive according to “traditional beauty standards,” and they might shack up, get married, and make babies.

All of this is very bad for the Left, because it is very good for the country. Perhaps it sounds frivolous, but it is not: it is actually the foundation stone of all Western political philosophy. It was Aristotle who observed that politics is essentially about partnerships between people, and “necessity dictates first and foremost that partnership without which we cannot continue to be: the one between male and female.” In other words: finding each other sexy, getting together, and making families is the fundamental basis for people to govern themselves. Everything else arises naturally from that.

Aristotle also knew that education in the deepest sense was indispensable for any political regime. “Education ought to be tailored to the particular kind of government,” he wrote. If you want people to be free, you have to train them appropriately.

In this Aristotle was recalling his teacher, Plato, and he wasn’t talking just about learning your multiplication tables. Education for the Greeks meant molding the entire person, shaping children into the kind of men and women who could live together justly. This meant “physical training for the body, and literary training for the soul.”

What I’m getting at here is this: the Left doesn’t just want you fat, lazy, and infertile because that seems like fun to them. They want it because it suits their political project. Train people from youth that fat is healthy, berate them about their natural attraction to conventional Victoria’s Secret models, and mollify them with assurances that weight gain during lockdown is fine, and you will end up with a citizenry that is totally unfit to govern itself: docile, unattractive to one another, and easy to control.

This means that one of the most consequential and effective things you can do for the country right now is get yourself and your family in shape. Yes, really. You don’t have to look like a ’roid-head or a runway model — that’s not actually all that healthy anyway. But take up boxing. Get your kids on a sports team. Start a weightlifting program, and stick to it. It’s genuinely an act of political rebellion and, unlike so many other things right now, it’s within your control.

“In everything that men do, the body is useful,” said Socrates in the historian Xenophon’s account of him — and he was talking about politics just as much as about philosophy. On the field, at the track, in the ring, you will instill values and form relationships that can withstand an awful lot of assault from scoundrels and fools. And since scoundrels and fools currently run our country, the gym is a pretty good place to start fighting back.

The views expressed in this opinion piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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