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FIGHT OF THE CENTURY: Alex Jones Challenges Alec Baldwin To Brawl. We’d Pay To Watch.

By  James Barrett

After Saturday Night Live mocked him as a racist conspiracy theorist, InfoWars‘ Alex Jones exploded on his show Monday, challenging “tough guy” Alec Baldwin to a “bare-knuckled” brawl.

Over the weekend, SNL produced yet another sketch aimed at Donald Trump starring Baldwin (who recently signaled that he might soon retire the role). The piece ended by blaming Trump’s paranoia that some black Americans are in fact shape-shifting aliens on reports by Jones (video below).

The slight was beyond the pale for Jones, who issued a challenge to Baldwin Monday that the rest of us are really hoping ends up in the Octagon.

“Alec Baldwin thinks he’s a tough guy? I challenge him — a million dollars to the charity he wants — to get in the ring with me, bare-knuckled,” declared Jones.

“You coward! You think you’re a tough guy messing with little (cameraman people?)! You frickin’ bully. You coward! I hate you! My listeners hate you! And remember that, scumbag, forever!” shouted Jones, breaking into maniacal laughter.

“We’re going to defeat this anti-human scum! We’re going to wreck their world!” he added.

When Jones returned from break, he continued on his Baldwin/SNL rant.

“Oh I was just joking when I said I’d break Alec Baldwin’s back, or neck — I meant that metaphorically,” he said sarcastically. “Just like it’s a joke when they say I told Donald Trump black people aren’t humans. How dare you?! … You can’t get up there and say you learned from me that black people aren’t humans, a**hole.”

He later said he’s not mad at Baldwin and the “cowardly” writers because they’re attacking him, “I’m sick of the world they’re making for our kids.”

Below is the skit that set off Jones, with Baldwin’s increasingly exaggerated/unfunny Trump turning an alien invasion from the planet Zorblatt 9 into an excuse to round up black people:

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