Fierce Cuomo Critic Janice Dean Might Challenge Him In 2022

“Many people have gotten into government because something personal has happened to them.”
Cuomo Dean
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Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean, whose profile grew exponentially in 2020 as she repeatedly blasted Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after her in-laws died in New York nursing homes, is hearing calls for her to run against Cuomo in 2022 — and she’s leaving the door open, saying, “You never say never in this life, right? And many people have gotten into government because something personal has happened to them.”

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, a close friend, was delighted with the idea of Dean running, noting that Dean, 50, has weathered home invasion, sexual harassment, and multiple sclerosis. Kelly told the New York Post, “Unlike the poser currently in the governor’s mansion, she really IS ‘New York tough,’ whip smart, and we can trust her. She’s got my vote.”

New York GOP Republican Party chairman Nick Langworthy said, “Someone like Janice Dean would be an absolute nightmare for Andrew Cuomo. She’s intelligent, accomplished, has a national profile and she’s fearless. We will be conducting a widespread search to select the best candidate to take him on and Janice would unquestionably be a welcome addition.”

Staten Island Councilman Joe Borelli told the Post, “I told her months ago that she would make an excellent candidate for public office. I would be enthralled to support her in whatever ambition she has because she is a genuinely good human being.”

As recently as Thursday, Dean tweeted, “I challenge @NYGovCuomo to a town hall with the grieving families who’d like to ask a few questions. Let’s see who’s #newyorktough.” The same day, speaking to GOP activists and donors, she slammed Cuomo, charging, “It looks like the guy just wants to be a celebrity. He doesn’t want to be a governor. He wants to hang out with his buddies Bobby De Niro [and] Billy Crystal. Governor, if you want to be a celebrity by all means. Go to Hollywood and let somebody else take over.”

When asked about running against Cuomo, she answered, “I am still with Fox for now by contract agreement. But listen, you never say never in this life, right? And many people have gotten into government because something personal has happened to them.”

In June 2020, Dean slammed CNN for a nine-minute interview with Andrew Cuomo in which they never asked him about the state’s prior policy on returning nursing home residents to their homes even if they had the virus. Dean tweeted, “@CNN doesn’t ask @NYGovCuomo about nursing home deaths. Shame on @PoppyHarlowCNN and @jimsciutto. Bravo to @SRuhle on @MSNBC for being a journalist.”

In October 2020, appearing on NBC’s “Today” show, Cuomo discussed his new book, “American Crisis,” that spoke of his “hard-won lessons in leadership and his vision for the path forward.” During the interview, Cuomo likened the COVID pandemic to a sporting event, claiming, “The game isn’t over.”

Dean, whose husband tragically lost both his parents to COVID-19, fired back on Twitter: “Profiting on the deaths of over 30,000 New Yorkers. … Also, the governor refers to the pandemic and the deaths of our loved ones (as) ‘a game.’”

In November, Cuomo stated, “The key is to be strong and secure enough to admit your mistakes and admit your shortcomings — don’t get defensive. Denying the mistake only assures repeating the mistake. We have made mistakes during COVID; I wrote a book on the lessons to be learned from the COVID crisis.” Seeing Cuomo’s new statement, Dean fired back, “This guy is a real piece of work.”

In December, speaking at a press conference, Cuomo claimed he was going to have a great holiday season, adding, “Santa’s going to be very good to me; I can tell. I worked hard this year.” Cuomo’s blithe statement triggered a blunt reply from Dean as she fired back, “Worked hard to help kill seniors, jobs and New York State in general?”

Dean told the Post, “I was beyond flattered and a bit surprised when Chairman Langworthy brought up a possible run for Governor someday. While I am not afraid of Mr. Cuomo and would love the chance to challenge his deadly policies that helped kill thousands of seniors, for now I am grateful for my job at FOX News as their senior meteorologist.”

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