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You Won’t Believe What Anti-Trump Feminists Are Pushing Now

Warning: NSFW language below, particularly feminists’ favorite “empowering” word.

We thought the anti-Donald Trump inauguration protest was already looking like hell on earth. That is, hundreds of thousands of marching feminists throwing a collective hissy-fit over their desired candidate’s loss while shrieking about their love for abortion. But as it turns out, it’s even worse than we suspected: Feminists and “allies” participating in the Women’s March on Washington will be wearing hand-knit “pussyhats,” presumably to give their credibility a boost, which can only be achieved by wearing hats referencing female genitalia, of course.

As enthusiastically noted in feminist blog Bust, “A coalition of L.A.-based knitters have launched an initiative called The Pussyhat Project with the goal of making 1.17 MILLION bright pink, cat-eared (‘pussy’) hats to protest Trump’s inauguration! The hats will be given to women and allies to wear at the Women’s March on Washington, as well as to folks who can’t make it to D.C. on Inauguration Day who want to demonstrate solidarity.”

The Pussyhat Project’s webpage gives detailed instructions on how one can make their own pussyhat, for themselves or for fellow feminists.

As you can see, “male” feminists (the worst kind of feminists) are real fired-up over the pussyhats, too.

The hats, aside from symbolizing feminists’ adoration for abortion, clearly take a swipe at President-elect Donald Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape leaked during the campaign. On the over ten-year-old tape, Mr. Trump bragged about women throwing themselves at him because he’s famous, most notably claiming he can “grab ’em by the pussy.”

The “pussyhat” movement will allegedly help women “reclaim the term as a means of empowerment,” says the site.

The Women’s March on Washington is set for January 21 in Washington D.C., the day after Mr. Trump is officially sworn into office. Unsurprising, abortion enthusiast Gloria Steinem and lucrative “nonprofit” Planned Parenthood will be among the honorary co-chairs of the event.

Proud to announce my role as honorary co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington. See you there?

A photo posted by Gloria Steinem (@gloriasteinem) on Dec 27, 2016 at 5:53am PST

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