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Feminists Want ‘Period Emojis’ on Keyboard

Because it just wasn’t enough for feminists to practice “free bleeding” and sport hairy, glitter-clad armpits, they have found yet another way to repulse people: lobbying for graphic “period emojis,” apparently referred to as “femojis.”

Bodyform, a feminine product company, has riled up feminists everywhere by launching a petition via for six new “period emojis” to be on your keyboard so women can “express” themselves in a “new universal language” and rid so-called “period-shaming.”

Here are each of the disgusting, cringe worthy emojis.

Bodyform is asking for 5,000 signatures before they submit their request to Unicode on March 21. Currently, they are only about 600 signatures shy.

A portion of the petition reads: “Millions of girls and women find it hard to talk about their periods, which can cause embarrassment, anxiety and lack of confidence. To tackle this head on, we at Bodyform are submitting a petition to Unicode (the consortium responsible for the emoji keyboard) to ask them to include our six new period emojis, or #Femojis, to break down period taboos and encourage people to express how they feel about periods.”

The reaction has mixed. Here are a few of the positive ones:

And the, uh, less positive reactions—also known as “sane”:

Sure, this is a pathetic attempt to find victimhood by feminists, and most men would rather be hit in the face with a baseball bat than receive a stained underwear emoji from a fanatical feminists, but on the upside, if this is the “struggle” for Western women, we’re doing alright.