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Feminists Want To Heal You Of Your ‘Toxic Whiteness’ . . . For A Small Fee

Feminists have cooked up another scam to help financially support their blogging habits, which always cover the most pressing of issues, such as the need for period emojis and exploring why tickling is sexist. Their targets for the cash are white people riddled with guilt for their sin of being born with a pale complexion.

Everyday Feminism, a feminist publication that reads as more satirical than The Onion, is offering an online training seminar called “Healing From Toxic Whiteness,” for a one-time fee of $97, or three easy payments of $33, of course. The course originated last year as a free service.

According to Everyday Feminism and most far-leftists, white people are indisputably “privileged” and are conditioned by society to harbor feelings of racism on some level. Some of the afflicted even believe silly things like white people can be on the receiving end of racism. Crazy, I know.

This online program tackles such victims of whiteness, offering each person “the tools to free yourself from toxic whiteness” so you can “begin developing an anti-racist white identity.” The 10-week seminar will allow you to “acknowledge” the racism within you, which can be a “painful process,” while empowering you to help fight the systemic racism and oppression allegedly plaguing America.

The feminists encourage their patrons to address the following question while healing their affliction: “How will I work towards undoing the racism I was raised with and have internalized?”

Per the site, here’s exactly what you’ll gain from the training program:

  • Identify the pain that’s behind your resistance and struggle to take action for racial justice
  • Give your pain the gentle, loving care and attention it deserves, while holding the space for others to do the same
  • Get back all the time and energy you normally spend on feeling confused, anxious, and angry with yourself and others around racism and direct them towards taking action instead
  • Stop being scared of discovering how you’ve been harmful and welcome the opportunity to hold yourself accountable in order to restore loving justice
  • Get alternatives to silencing yourself or coddling other people who are being harmful
  • Engage in dialogue with other people without letting fear drive you
  • Help other white people transform their ignorance and defensiveness into greater consciousness and motivation to act in that solidarity with people of color

According to the online sign up page, the election of Republican Donald Trump has made this fight against toxic whiteness all the more pressing:

“If there was ever a time in recent history for white people to take action to end racism, this is it,” says the site.

“The election of Trump has shaken white people’s understanding of racism to its core. It’s revealed what many people of color have known and been naming for generations – that the US has deeply normalized white supremacy and is built on a foundation of systemic oppression,” it continues. “…You may be finding yourself coming to terms with just how prevalent and harmful white supremacy is – and how your white privilege has kept you ignorant and in denial of this reality in the first place.”

Some apparently satisfied costumers are even featured on the site, boasting of their “healing.”

“I joined Healing from Toxic Whiteness because I wanted to act against racial injustice, but felt frustrated because that felt so theoretical to me,” says Aiyana. “This program has opened my eyes to the racism around me and in me, and has allowed me to let go of my sense of guilt, entitlement, and all that goes along with ‘toxic whiteness.’ I can now be closer to others, including people of color, because I am being my real self, and that has been such a gift.”

Gabriela says the program helped her “effectively navigate” her “own path towards an anti-racist existence.”

The program begins on January 10, 2017, so hurry along and sign up to experience the costly “healing” from your inherent sin!