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Feminists Attack Tomi Lahren’s Appearance

If there is one thing consistent about modern feminists, it is their blatant hypocrisy. These alleged warriors for gender equality claim it’s sexist and wrong to attack a woman’s appearance, for example, unless that woman happens to hold some conservative views.

Case in point, Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren is being mocked by feminists over at for her looks. The feminist site has dug up “embarrassing” old photos of Lahren which they suggest were taken pre-plastic surgery.

“Revealed: We found embarrassing videos of Tomi Lahren before she got plastic surgery,” reads a headline run by the site earlier in the month. “An expert told us she probably had a TON of work done,” reads the sub-heading. used the “uncovered” photos as an excuse to post nasty comments about Lahren’s appearance from social media users and effectively shamed the political firebrand for allegedly getting plastic surgery — which is especially odd since the site has previously praised plastic surgery as “absolutely a feminist statement” (h/t Paul Joseph Watson).

“Last week, as her high school photos resurfaced, people on Twitter pointed out that Lahren looked like a ‘garden variety gremlin’ and a ‘I f*** my cousin lookin ass b****,'” notes the enlightened piece.

Social media users “also pointed out that Lahren looked so different that she must have had plastic surgery at some point between that photo and ranting about Beyoncé and Colin Kaepernick. The photos and videos we found from her time in college would agree,” continued.

This was the excuse the feminists use to shame Lahren for the alleged surgery. “So we asked two plastic surgeons, both experts in their field, to find out for certain – has Tomi Lahren had surgery?”

The rest of the piece was used to speculate about Lahren’s alleged surgery. has previously hit Lahren for her looks. Last month, the site published a piece titled, “Is this what Tomi Lahren looked like before plastic surgery?” The entire post was composed of vile social media comments about Lahren’s appearance.

Whatever you think about Lahren, it’s indisputable that she’s consistently the victim of sexist attacks that are ignored by feminists, if not committed by them. While there are many fair criticisms that can be made about the political commentator, it’s curious that “feminists” are obsessed with mocking her looks. It’s almost as if modern feminism has nothing to do with gender equality and everything to do with advancing a politically Left agenda wherein conservative female thinkers are given the “Mean Girls” you-can’t-sit-with-us treatment.