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Feminist Lena Dunham Posts Ridiculous Father’s Day Tweet, Quickly Deletes It

By  Amanda

Insufferable feminist Lena Dunham unsurprisingly composed one of the most ridiculous Father’s Day posts floating around the internet on Sunday. On the one day of the year meant to celebrate the men who do the incredibly important job of raising and supporting their children, Dunham saw fit to dismiss the need for a father entirely.

“You don’t need a father – so many families work so many ways- but if you have one he better werk,” wrote the Girls creator.

Dunham’s decision to belittle the importance of fathers, on Father’s Day, was swiftly condemned online; the coward also swiftly deleted the tweet, apparently unable to be held accountable for her own words.

After I posted a screenshot of Dunham’s deleted tweet, she replied (while simultaneously blocking me, #Brave) saying she loves men and “alternative families.” That’s why she said children don’t need fathers. Or something.

Clearly, Dunham’s brand of “feminism” hinges on the demonization of men, as seen with her declaration that a man’s role in a family is unnecessary. But nothing could be further from the truth; men being present in their children’s lives could not be more vital.

Here are some statistics for Dunham to chew on:

Overall, children who experience fatherlessness have lower achievement in school and higher levels of aggression and delinquency.

If Dunham truly cared about families, children and “feminism,” wouldn’t it be in her best interest to advocate for more men to rightfully fulfill their duty to be present fathers?

Apparently not.

But what else would one expect from a women who once used Mother’s Day to promote abortion?

Never change, Lena. Your mask-less leftism helps promote conservatism more than you’ll ever understand.

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