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Female Rapper Brags About Assaulting ‘White Boy’ In Audience

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

“That’s what you do when a white boy disrespects you.” -Princess Nokia, after assaulting a man in her audience

Last week, while performing at a charity event in England, female rapper Princess Nokia assaulted a white male in the audience, an action she has since bragged about.

Princess Nokia claims the man was heckling her, but the man says he was targeted when he cheered her on by referring to her as “Abigail,” which is what he was told was her first name. It isn’t, and this monumental slip-up apparently triggered the New York rapper to throw drinks at the man and beat the hell out of him.

After striking the man three times, the rapper went back on stage to brag about assaulting the “white boy.” That is, after she threw another drink in the general direction of the audience.

“That’s what you do when a white boy disrespects you,” bragged the female rapper.

Princess Nokia claims she’s the victim in this situation, as the man whom she assaulted was “disrespecting” her via heckling. (As if physically assaulting someone is the appropriate response to words you dislike.)

Heat Street reports:

In an interview with Cambridge’s FLY, a publication for women and “non-binary” people of color, the Princess Nokia said she could “see [the audience member] mouthing dirty obscenities like, show me your tits.” She told the website that the heckling left her sense of safety and comfort “severely compromised.”

She added that the incident only affirmed her “zero tolerance” stance towards “instances of sexism and sexual harassment,” and wanted to “let the women of color know she was sorry” for cutting the event short. Princess Nokia only performed two songs before the incident occurred.

The victim of the assault rejected the rapper’s claims of harassment, telling The Cambridge Student that he only yelled “Let’s go, Abigail!” during her performance, as he was told that was her first name.

“I was standing in the audience and was told by a fellow audience member that the name of the performer was ‘Abigail’. Given that I was enjoying the performance, I shouted out ‘Let’s go, Abigail!'”

He added, “After I shouted this, she came down from the stage. She slapped me and threw drinks on me.”

Following the incident, Princess Nokia took to social media to further brag of the assault. As noted by The Cambridge Student, “Princess Nokia retweeted @rosamariot, who said ‘@princesnokia just punched a white guy in the face for disrespecting [sic] at a gig in Cambridge and walked off stage, i am LIVING YES GIRL’. The tweet was shared by dozens of other people.”

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