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Female Rapper Blasts Women For Having ‘Self-Respect’ In Vulgar Apple Music Interview: ‘I Liberate A Lot Of H**s’
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During a roundtable event hosted by Apple Music, former reality TV show star and rapper known as Sukihana (real name Destiny Henderson) bragged about being a “h**” and “s***ing and f***ing” and bashed women for having “self-respect.” According to the rapper, “self-respect” is actually “taxing” men, suggesting that women “tax” men for money for sleeping with them.

The raunchy comments were made during a roundtable event that aired Friday via Apple Music for fellow rapper Cardi B’s new song “WAP,” which apparently stands for “w** a** p****.” The corporation ironically pushed the roundtable as a feat for feminism and a win for “sisterhood.” Sukihana appears in the explicit music video.

“I feel like being, like, sexual and s***, like, I don’t see nothing wrong with that,” said Sukihana. “‘Cause, baby, I got three kids. And, I mean, I got these kids from s***ing and f***ing.”

“At the end of the day, me being a h**, like these people say, like, honestly, I liberate a lot of h***s, you feel me?” she said.

“When I hear Cardi talk about poppin’ some p****, me and my b****es is with it, that liberate us,” the rapper continued. ‘Cause it’s like f*** you self-respecting h**s. ‘Cause how you got self-respect, like, I don’t think y’all got self-respect like that. ‘Cause first of all, you supposed to tax these n****s. That’s self-respect. You feel me?”

“Like, it makes me feel liberated. I love crossing boundaries. ‘Cause, guess what? Scare money don’t make no money. If you gonna be scared to get that money, you gonna be scared to be yourself and say that’s who I am, then you ain’t gonna get that coin like that,” she concluded. Some of the fellow women on the panel agreed, offering a “facts” response.

Reacting to backlash over her comments, Sukihana later addressed the “monkey c***h h**s who criticized her. “I said what I said,” the rapper says in a video posted to social media, “Know your worth b****. … You know it’s true, b****.”

“B****, I ain’t never said f*** n****s for money, I said know your worth and tax these n****s, ain’t nothing wrong with that, b****,” she added. ” … You fake a** conscious h**s.”

Apple Music, promoting the roundtable segment, ironically noted of the constant sexism and misogyny female rappers face.

“It’s no secret that women are making some of the most compelling rap music, but sexism and misogyny continues to pit them against each other and continues to keep many from getting their due,” a caption for the interview says. “In the spirit of undoing that, Apple Music’s Nadeska Alexis sat down with Cardi B, Mulatto, Rubi Rose, and Sukihana—all of whom feature in Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion’s video for the flirty collaboration ‘WAP’ —for a roundtable tackling these issues head-on.”

“The women offer a glimpse into their experiences within the music industry, from sisterhood and camaraderie to the business side of things and double standards,” the captioned adds. “But more importantly, this is just a space for some good ol’ fashioned girl talk.”

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