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The Feds Will Let States Seize Your Guns, But Not Stop Illegal Immigration

In another example of the hypocritical nature of the Obama administration, the federal government has made it clear they’re perfectly fine with letting states disarm their citizens, but it’s not okay for states to stop illegal immigration.

Connecticut Gov. Daniel Malloy wrote an op-ed in the prayer-hating, National Rifle Association and victim-bashing New York Daily News in which he declared that he would sign an executive order that would prevent those in Connecticut on the no-fly list from purchasing guns since Congress won’t do it.

“FBI data show that between 2004 and 2014 those on the terrorism watch list tried to buy guns and explosives 2,233 times, they succeeded 2,043 times, or 90 percent of the time,” Malloy wrote. “That’s extraordinary. And what’s even more extraordinary is that the NRA and Republicans in Congress seem to argue that’s just fine. It’s twisted, backward logic.”

Malloy continued, “If you are deemed unsafe to fly, you should not be able to purchase a firearm. It’s that simple. This decision wasn’t rooted in some transformative ideology. It’s a policy position based on basic logic.”

The governor also falsely claimed that 71 percent of NRA members agree with him.

President Barack Obama agrees with Malloy, so he has allowed the state to curtail 5th Amendment rights. Radio host Dana Loesch explains:

There are American citizens on this list, a sizable number that are innocent and are innocently listed. We don’t deny them the opportunity of a fair trail, to face their accuser, and defend themselves. A simple federal charge is enough to temporarily render them a prohibited possessor at which time evidence will either exonerate or convict them. People like Teddy Kennedy, Rep. John Lewis, Nelson Mandela, journalists Leland Vittert and Stephan Hayes were all listed. Stripping someone of a natural right based on suspicion alone is a penalty without a conviction. And once you’re on this list? There is no disclosure as to how someone is included on the list and it’s next to impossible to get yourself removed. Democrats want inclusion on the list to count as a conviction because it excuses them from bringing formal charges based on evidence. If you have evidence, bring forth charges. This expectation that the American people should bear the burden of the state’s inability, or outright refusal, to prosecute suspected terrorists isn’t Constitutional.

And yet, Obama’s administration will sue states such as Arizona that try to crack down on illegal immigration. In their lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration law, Obama’s Department of Justice argued that “the U.S. Constitution gave the federal government sole authority over immigration matters.”

This is blatantly false. As radio host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin explained in 2010, “The federal government does not ‘occupy the field’ in any event. As a matter of longstanding federal law practice, it encourages states to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration law.” Not to mention that Obama has no problem providing funding to sanctuary cities, even though they clearly violate federal law.

The law does not matter in the Obama administration, they will do whatever is necessary to promote the progressive agenda and “fundamentally transform” the nation.

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