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FBI: Hillary Deleted 30 Emails About Benghazi

By  Ben Shapiro

It now turns out that Hillary Clinton was – wait for it – lying about her missing emails!

Try to steel yourself for the shock. I know – it’s nearly as shocking as the time Rosie O’Donnell came out of the closet. Nonetheless, it’s true: according to the State Department, among the thousands of emails recovered by the FBI from Hillary’s BleachBit-ridden personal server are some 30 emails about the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Unless there were yoga classes being held at the consulate, that means that Hillary trashed information clearly related to State Department business. Actually, she didn’t just delete them: she had them wiped clean, to make them nearly unrecoverable.

The State Department has already informed a federal judge that it would require until the end of September to vet the materials for classified information – a weird requirement, given Hillary’s explicit promise that classified material never even hit her private server. Perhaps the State Department is merely concerned over Chelsea’s wedding plans. Or perhaps Hillary was lying.

The revelation that Hillary deleted emails concerning Benghazi means that there is likely a fair bit of other material Hillary deleted. Almost certainly, some concerns Hillary’s corrupt relationship with the Clinton Foundation. And barring a technological miracle, we’ll never know what sorts of emails Hillary sent to aides including Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, who also had private server email accounts.

But the only reason to ask about Hillary’s emails, or to consider her a corrupt liar, is because she’s a woman. At least that’s the logic of the left that simply can’t understand why so many Americans think she lied about setting up a private server and then trashing its contents without turning them over to proper government agencies.

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