The FBI, DOJ Made ‘Lock Her Up’ A Legitimate Political Slogan. Here’s Why.


In the wake of new reports suggesting that the Clinton Foundation may be targeted for indictment by an FBI investigation, and that Hillary Clinton’s private email server was hacked no less than five times by foreign intelligence agencies, the 2016 Democratic nominee was asked whether she would fire current FBI director James Comey if she were elected president. Here was her answer:

I’m not going to either get ahead of myself by assuming I’ll be fortunate enough to be elected. That’s really up to you and your listeners. People have to turn out or nothing that I’m going to be proposing will come into reality. But I also would never comment on any kind of personnel issue.

This commentary follows hard on the heels on reports that Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice has put severe pressure on the FBI to drop its Clinton Foundation investigation. According to The Wall Street Journal:

[O]fficials at Justice Department headquarters sent a message to all the offices involved to “stand down,’’ a person familiar with the matter said…. a senior Justice Department official called the FBI deputy director, Mr. McCabe, on Aug. 12 to say the agents in New York seemed to be disregarding or disobeying their instructions, these people said. The conversation was a tense one, they said, and at one point Mr. McCabe asked, “Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?’’ The senior Justice Department official replied: ”Of course not.”

All of which means that the American people are now forced into the position of using the election as a law enforcement tool. We’re supposed to be the judge, jury, and political executioner. That’s because we no longer trust the FBI to be impartial, and we certainly don’t trust the DOJ to enforce the law impartially. Not after Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

If we did trust those institutions, Hillary would have no problems – she could simply say, “Look, if I’m guilty, I’ll be prosecuted under the law. You all trust the DOJ and FBI. So do I.” But that line has no credibility in a world in which the FBI director refused to recommend indictment for a clear crime, then announced a reopened investigation based on unclear factors; it has no credibility when the DOJ is the legal arm of the presidency.

So we have to decide. Should Hillary be allowed to run the very agencies of government tasked with enforcing the law against her? Should Trump be elected simply to allow the gears of law enforcement to turn properly? In this light, crowd chants of “lock her up” start to look more reasonable – since the opposite is “elect Hillary so that she can take over the FBI and DOJ and stop her own imprisonment.” Corruption in our government forces us to be the law enforcement body of last resort.

That’s tragic. But that’s the way it is.