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Fanatical Leftist Makes Folk-Song Jingle Praising Hillary Clinton…

“Beat the drum for Clinton!”

A healthy sect of left-wingers are fanatical—like forcing young school children to sing songs about The-Chosen-One-Obama’s-Glory type of fanatical. In the latest weird fanaticism sphere, a folk singer named Sandy Rapp has introduced a new jingle, literally beating the drums for the left’s latest apparent savior, Hillary Clinton, appropriately titled, “Clinton, Clinton.”

Sandy Rapp apparently has other progressive songs, such as Remember Rose: A Song For Choice, about the first back-street abortion fatality of the 1977 Medicaid-Abortion. No wonder she’s a huge fan of Hillary; the former secretary of state is an extremist on the abortion issue with seemingly no restrictions on when a woman can “choose” to murder her unborn child in the womb. #Soulmates

Prepare thyself for the leftist worshipers:

(Disclaimer: Up until this recent Trump-phenomenon, conservatives have largely steered clear of political hero-worship. But, yeah, the right has some of it too now.)