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‘Fake Feminist’: Islam Critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali SLAMS Women’s March Organizer

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Wednesday, Islam critic and human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali called out “fake feminist” and “defender of Sharia” Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York and organizer of the January 21 Women’s March on Washington.

Ali, who was tragically a victim of female genital mutilation (FGM), was viciously threatened with violence and told she didn’t “deserve to be a woman” by Sarsour in a vile resurfaced tweet:

Sarsour, a defender of Sharia Law, was not only a co-chair of the “feminist” march; the Women’s March officially backed her after being confronted with the tweet.

Ali finally had an opportunity to respond while speaking with Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Wednesday night, where she slammed Sarsour’s “fake” feminism and asked why these women at the march haven’t activated to march against “mass rape,” attacks on religious minority Yazidi women, mass gendercide in China or for the victims of FGM, which she rightfully categorized as being part of the “real war on women.”

Watch, below:

“Ms. Sarsour is hostile to me and not because she knows me, but because she’s a fake feminist,” Ali told MacCallum. “Ms. Sarsour is not interested in universal human rights. She’s a defender of sharia law…No principle degrades and dehumanizes women more than Sharia law.”

“We have threats, real threats, against women — a real war on women. Our genitals are being cut. 140 million woman have been subjected to genital mutilation — child brides,” she continued.

“Ms. Sarsour is not interested in universal human rights. She’s a defender of sharia law.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“We are not marching against this kind of thing. We’re not marching against mass rape in Europe. This is the kind of thing we need to be marching against, and we’re not marching against that. If we’re really interested in civil rights, human rights and the rights of women we should not go with fake feminists,” concluded the brave human rights leader.

Amazingly, the mainstream media have avoided Sarsour’s radical ties and inflammatory language.

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