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FAIR: Transgender Who Made Switch From Men’s To Women’s Volleyball Now Eyeing Olympics

A transgender athlete from Hawaii is on his way to the Olympics after switching over to the women’s volleyball division.

Tia Thompson, a 32-year-old biological male who believes he’s a woman, competed in the men’s division for all USAV-sanctioned competitions up until January, when USA Volleyball declared him eligible to compete as a female. Unsurprisingly, Thompson is dominating biological women in Hawaii’s most popular sport and has set his sights on the Olympics.

As the old saying goes: If at first you don’t succeed, switch over to women’s volleyball and crush everyone!

“It’s a touchy subject because volleyball is a main sport here,” Thompson told NBC4.

“Because of my religious background with my dad’s side and my mom’s side, we didn’t speak of it, but we knew. As soon as I turned 18 and I moved out, I started transitioning and started taking hormones,” he added.

Although the volleyball star said he began transitioning at age 18, it is unclear if he has actually had reassignment surgery, since this is no longer a requirement for trans athletes who wish to compete in the Olympics.

“USAV requires transgender women to undergo hormone replacement therapy consistently for at least one year — with proper documentation — and they also have to change their identification, like passports and birth certificates, to female. Before, some organizations, including the Olympics, would require trans athletes to have sex reassignment surgery,” notes NBC4.

“It took me three years to finally get approved with all the transitioning and all the hormone therapy and submitting all my paperwork to the gender committee,” said Thompson.

Now that gender has been deemed a social construct that is totally disconnected from our biology, women all over the world are getting a taste of “fairness,” leftist style!

As reported by the Daily Wire last week, a man who “identifies” as a woman is currently dominating women’s weightlifting and setting national records:

Laurel Hubbard, a transgender “woman” from Kiwi, took a commanding win in Sunday’s Australian International event in Melbourne. The athlete wrecked the biological women during Sunday’s showdown, setting four national records. “Hubbard lifted a combined total of 268kg – 19kg better than silver medallist Iuniarra Sipaia of Samoa,” notes NZ Herald.

Imagine being a biologically female athlete and working all your life to reach the top of your field, only to have it taken away by a biological male. Is this the “male privilege” the Left always gripes about?

And females are even getting screwed by this nonsense at the high school level. As noted by the Daily Wire last summer, a biological male high schooler took home all-state honors in Alaska’s female track and field division, knocking actual females off the podium. As it turns out, there are serious repercussions for replacing truth with anti-science feelings.


This trans woman from Hawaii can now finally chase her Olympic volleyball dreams.

— Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) March 26, 2017