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Facebook Censors Woman For Criticizing Gender-Blind Bathrooms

By  Pardes Seleh

A group called “Keep Locker Rooms Safe,” which advocates for sex-assigned locker rooms, is being censored by Facebook because of a post criticizing gender-blind bathrooms.

Autumn Bennett, a manager of the Keep Locker Rooms Safe Facebook page, told The Daily Wire her page has been repeatedly censored by Facebook after she and her four colleagues posted about a Washington state bill mandating unrestricted access to male and female locker rooms based on “self-identified” sex affiliation. Bennett’s account was blocked while her colleagues were censored and reported by leftist Facebook activists who were offended by her posts.

The following is an example of a post that was removed by Facebook:

Keep Locker Rooms Safe

Question: Which one of these men can now use a women’s bathroom or locker room in our state????

Answer: ALL OF THEM!!! And the kicker is you don’t get to question it if they do. You are supposed to accept that they “think” they are female. No need to dress like one or even attempt to look like one, they just have to “think” they are one. And how do we, as women, know what someone else is thinking? We don’t!! This is outrageous!!!!

The post displayed several pictures of men with varying appearances and asked followers which of the men they thought would be allowed into the women’s locker rooms. Bennett’s post was removed after personalized warning notifications were sent to group moderators.

Keep Locker Rooms Safe

“We removed the post below because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards,” a notification read after it was removed.

Facebook protocol reserves the right to remove posts which are considered “credible threats to public figures, as well as hate speech directed at them – just as we do for private individuals.”

Autumn said her post, which simply emphasized that men of all types are now legally permitted into women’s locker rooms, was hotly contested by trans activists and LGBTQ allies using social media to fight back. The following are some examples of reactions elicited by her post, to include actual transgender pornography and vile defamation of group members:

“I am just completely aghast and furious at the vitriol that is so prevalent within the trans agenda,” Bennett told The Daily Wire. “This has hardly anything to do with bathrooms, it is completely ridiculous. This has everything to do with brute force bully tactics, and validation of their own subjective reality at the expense of safety and liberty.”

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