Facebook Censors Book On ‘Toxic Femininity,” Claims Ads Are Promoting ‘Adult Products’
Open hard covered book engulfed in flame
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Facebook has censored ads promoting a new book heavily critical of modern feminism by claiming it violates the company’s policies regarding the sale of “adult product.”

The College Fix reported that Pontifex University professor Carrie Gress’ book “The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing The Culture From Toxic Femininity,” was being advertised on Facebook when the posts were removed with a warning that they had violated company rules.

“A bookstore tried to post the book on both those platforms and got the same message- that the book violated community policy,” Gress told the Fix.

One of those bookstores, Guadalupe Gifts, received a message from Facebook saying posts about the book violated the company’s commerce policies.

“Listings may not promote the buying, selling, or use of adults products,” Facebook said in its email to Guadalupe Gifts, a Catholic gift store. As of February 3, the store hasn’t received any further explanation from Facebook, the store told the Fix.

“Instagram removed the product link we added over a year ago,” Guadalupe Gifts wrote on Facebook on January 24. The store included a screenshot of the message it received when the post was removed, which read: “Your product tag isn’t visible to others because the product doesn’t follow our policies about what can be sold on Instagram.”

Gress explained to the Fix what her book is about:

“The first half of the book is the ideological blueprint for radical feminism that we see in the culture today and also in the LGBT movement that has followed in the heels of feminism,” Gress said. “The second half, is really the remedy of how Christianity and specifically Our Lady, have been the key to understanding womanhood.”

“But it is truly the first half, that is written in clear jargon free language that exposes the Marxism and the occult elements at the foundation of feminism that has to be what is driving any kind of a ban,” Gress told The Fix. Appropriately for the censorship she is facing, the book “also explains how elite women silence any voice not in accord with theirs, so no surprise that my book is being censored.”

Gress told the outlet she was also facing censorship on Amazon, which was canceling orders and making the book difficult to buy. It was removed from Amazon’s main platform and made only available through third-party sellers, but it reversed this course on January 27. The book became out of stock that same day but apparently replenished the next day, only to become out of stock again.

Like most attempts at censoring books, the results have benefitted the author. TAN Books announced on January 26 that it had sold out of Gress’ book.

“Due to the overwhelming support of @carrie.gress’s The Anti-Mary, we have sold out of copies! Thank you for showing tremendous support for this excellent book,” TAN Books said on Instagram.

TAN told the Fix it had “recently sold at least 800 copies of Gress’ book,” the outlet reported.

A similar situation occurred when a random Twitter user complained that Target was selling a book by Abigail Shrier called “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.” Target initially said it would pull the book from shelves but then relented to additional pressure and returned the book. The resulting attention increased sales of Schrier’s book.