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SURPRISE! Hillary Delegate Admits Democrats Want To Ban All Your Guns.

By  Pardes Seleh

A video released Monday revealed a disturbing encounter between an undercover journalist and a delegate for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the video obtained by Project Veritas CEO and founder James O’Keefe, alternate Clinton delegate Mary Bayer explained how her candidate uses moderate-sounding rhetoric to sell the public on an agenda to ban all guns.

“Well, we can’t say we want to ban guns. Can we do that?” O’Keefe’s journalist, posing as an anti-gun activist, had asked Bayer at a seemingly casual meeting. “We got to hide that.”

“No, right,” Bayer responded and advised, “You got to say you want ‘common sense gun legislation’–”

“Then, bait and switch them and ban them all,” the journalist interjected.

As the conversation continued, O’Keefe’s journalist asked Bayer whether Clinton would support a total ban on guns, to which Bayer responded, “For sure…. Yeah, I think, well she doesn’t take any positions that are too terribly extreme– in public.”

Bayer then proceeded to explain how to communicate Hillary’s policies in a way that would conceal them as “sort of moderate”:

We just wanna have common sense legislation so our children are safe!

“You say shit like that, and then people will buy into it,” the Clinton delegate explained.

At the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia this week, O’Keefe and his journalists confronted Bayer with a sign reminding her of the encounter she had with the journalist, and displaying some of her quotes revealing tactics of the Clinton campaign. The delegate frantically grabbed the sign from O’Keefe and walked away with it as soon as he had explained to her what his organization is all about.

As shown in the video below, O’Keefe hilariously trailed behind Bayer and Philadelphia police politely asking for his sign back, to which Bayer cried, “This is crazy! I’m being harassed by these people!” and ran into a convenience store with the sign as security followed her.

O’Keefe started Project Veritas, a 501(c)(3) organization, with the mission of exposing “corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud and other misconduct.” O’Keefe and his journalists have been in the news frequently for their undercover missions to expose some of the most groundbreaking scandals ever to be made public in U.S. politics.

The exposing of Clinton’s delegates is part of a longer series of Project Veritas’s work on anti-gun lobbyists and politicians. Watch below for O’Keefe’s account of what happened:

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