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Explosive Device Found At Home Of George Soros

An explosive device was discovered in the mailbox of billionaire activist George Soros on Monday.

An employee at Soros’ Westchester County residence found the package while retrieving the mail. When the employee opened the package, they found “what appeared to be an explosive device,” according to the Bedford Police Department. The employee placed the suspicious package in the woods and called the police, around 3:45 pm.

Bomb squad technicians “proactively detonated” the device, and no one was hurt. Soros was not home when the package was discovered or detonated.

The case is now being investigated by the FBI’s New York office, but said there was no threat to public safety.

Soros is a major funder of left-wing political operations through his Open Society Foundations. Naturally, the New York Times described him in glowing terms, as a “billionaire philanthropist” who donates to groups that “promote democracy and human rights around the world.” The Times also painted him as “a villain to conservative groups” and “a favorite target of right-wing groups.”

Soros’ home is in Katonah, NY, a hamlet of Bedford, which is in wealthy Westchester County. The town, about an hour and a half north of Manhattan, is home to multiple celebrities, including Glenn Close, Ralph Lauren, and Martha Stewart, according to the Times.

Attacks or threats of any kind are despicable, and neither side should engage in this kind of behavior. The Left has been attacking Trump supporters, attacking Republican officials and harassing them out of restaurants, sending death threats, ricin, and other powdery substances to Republicans, taking over cities, and attempting to murder Republican legislators.

None of this, of course, is an excuse to use the same tactics against the Left.

On the same day the explosive device was found at Soros’ home, a giant boulder was somehow hurled through the window of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) Bakersfield office. McCarthy posted photos of the incident to his Instagram profile, three of which show potential suspects. McCarthy also said some office equipment was stolen during the incident.

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