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EXCLUSIVE: Joy Reid’s Blog Promoted Anti-Semitic Conspiracies, Vicious Personal Attacks

Embattled MSNBC host Joy Reid’s now-defunct blog published multiple blog posts that promoted vicious attacks on the McCain family, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, nasty personal attacks on people, doctored images, and more, according to several newly discovered posts reviewed by The Daily Wire.

All of the posts reviewed by The Daily Wire used the “JReid” byline. The blog posts are listed below in chronological order with many of the most shocking findings coming in the bottom half of this report.

Since this report was published, The Internet Archive appears to have removed the digital archive of Reid’s posts. Screenshots of all the posts referenced in this report are included in an embedded PDF document at the bottom of this report.

1. In a blog post dated November 28, 2005, Reid promoted a conspiracy theory that claimed that the United States was driven into the Iraq war to promote the interests of Israel and Iran:

Which country or countries had the strongest motivation to get Saddam out of power in Iraq? I’d say Iran, which is now reaping the benefits of the Iraqi Shia ascendance, dep, and Israel, which has long cherished the notion of getting rid of Saddam in order to further expand its leverage in the region, not to mention removing a known supporter and financier of Palestinian suicide bombers. Add to that the fact that many neocons really do believe that “the road to Mideast peace goes through Baghdad, not Jerusalem…” Removing one of the Palestinians’ most vocal and belligerent friends would have been in Israel’s strategic interest.

Reid further questioned Bush’s motives for entering the war by asking: “Could he also have sold out American interests to the Likud?”

The Likud Party is a center-right political party in Israel.

2. In a blog post dated January 25, 2006, Reid wrote in a post titled “The ballot or the bullet,” that she was highly sympathetic to the Palestinian people because they were “on that land since long before the Jewish emigres arrived after World World II.”

Reid also appeared to give a serious ear to the terrorist group Hamas, writing:

And Hamas is as much driven by religion as are the settlers in the West Bank and formerly in Gaza. Still, beyond Islam, their rise to power was also fueled by many of the same things that helped the conservatives in Canada and that could yet help the Dems in the States: the demonstrated corruption of the party in power. Since they are promising to clean things up, they obviously have credibility with many of the Plaestinian people. It won’t be easy to ignore them after this vote, or for that matter, to go around blowing up their cars.

3. In a blog post dated July 24, 2006, Reid called Bill Kristol insane, suggesting that the draft should be brought back, presumably so Kristol could be shipped off to war.

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4. In a blog post dated July 24, 2006, Reid wrote a blog post that appeared to endorse gun violence with its title: “I wish we lived in a time when you could challenge a fella to a duel.”

The rest of the blog post fantasized what a debate between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and President George W. Bush would look like.

5. In a blog post dated August 03, 2008, Reid promoted a conspiracy theory claiming that the United States entered the Iraq war for oil. Reid wrote:

The bottom line: the Bush administration sought the invasion of Iraq from the time they stepped into office, and initially drafted a plan, in secret meetings with oil industry giants, and including “the late” Ken Lay, which included staging a coup to replace the inconvenient dictator of Iraq with an oil industry favorite, and maintaining the nationalized Iraqi oil industry under the control of U.S. and European firms.

Reid suggested that McCain’s stance on the Iraq war was based on his desire to enrich himself, writing that it “has paid huge dividends for him.”

6. In a blog post dated August 15, 2008, Reid attacked John McCain’s wife Cindy over her alleged addiction to painkillers, dedicating over 1,800 words in her post from several different articles to smear his wife while he was running for president.

Reid’s article attempted to portray John McCain as a monster that his wife was afraid of, writing:

And her reactions to so many things seem to suggest … I hate to say it … a kind of fear of her husband that to me is just plain odd. In fact, a lot about this couple is weird. About the only thing that’s clear is that in her, John saw a woman better looking than his broken, former swimsuit model wife, and much, much richer and more influential; someone who could help him fulfill his ambitions.

Reid made sure to add emphasis to some of the quotes she used from other articles, specifically adding emphasis on a quote that stated Cindy McCain “began taking more of the pain pills doctors had prescribed. Soon she was addicted, taking up to 20 Percocets and Vicodins a day.”

7. In a blog post dated August 22, 2008, Reid wrote a post about a house that McCain bought in 1986 where he allegedly used a fake name on blueprints when he added on to a home that he bought so the project wouldn’t gain media attention.

At the bottom of the post, Reid attacked McCain’s mental faculties, writing:

Fast forward to 2007, when the media caught wind of what would soon become clear: John McCain has a problem remembering how many houses he has … and even what kind of car he drives…

8. In a blog post dated August 22, 2008, Reid included a photoshopped image of John McCain on a poster titled: “The McCain Mutiny.”

The poster refers to John McCain as a “Traitor,” and refers to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) as a “Woman.”

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While writing about potential vice president nominees for McCain, Reid made anti-gay remarks and disparaging remarks about the appearance of a Republican woman. Reid wrote:

It won’t be Charlie Crist. He’s gay, you know. Don’t let the “fiancee” fool you. And how would THAT look during a convention in the land of Wide Stance?

It won’t be Carly Fiorina. One word: Viagra.

9. In a blog post dated August 22, 2008, Reid featured in a post titled “John McCain’s trophy wife” another doctored image, this time of Sarah Palin on the cover of Vogue magazine.

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On the subject of McCain picking Palin as his running mate, Reid wrote:

John McCain’s last-minute, hurried selection of Sarah Palin, after just one meeting and a single phone call, and without even bothering to conduct the thorough vetting he gave to more serious choices like Mitt Romney, Tom Ridge, Joe Lieberman or even Tim Pawlenty, says a lot about the role of age in this election. Clearly, McCain comes from a generation (and an ideology) that dismisses women as serious people. He seems to have decided that Palin fit the bullet points (“maverick + pro-life + female,) so it doesn’t matter what she actually thinks about “big things” like Iraq (which turns out to be not much); the war on terror (who knows?), Russia, Georgia, Pakistan… or whether she even understands the job being offered to her. (Sounds a lot like the way he chose Cindy McCain: rich+prettier than current wife+lives where he could win a congressional seat…) Yesterday, as the roll-out was taking place, right wing radio hack Glenn Beck was actually gushing that one of Palin’s qualifications is that “she’s HOT!” I can almost hear McCain, disappointed that he couldn’t get Lieberman on the ticket, saying, “Ok go with that Palin broad. She’s a dame, just like Hillary’s a dame, and the chicks will dig that.”

Reid attacked McCain over his age and appeared to attack him over his health, specifically over his past health problems with cancer. Reid wrote:

As for McCain, by making such an unserious, pandering choice, who couldn’t possibly be the person he feels is most qualified to step in should anything happen to him as a septuagenarian, four-time cancer survivor president, John McCain has closed the door on the notion that he’s fit to be president.

10. In a blog post dated September 05, 2008, Reid once again mocked McCain’s health, writing, “I guess picking Sarah Palin wasn’t a sign John McCain is going senile after all.”

After calling McCain a “crazy old man,” Reid attacked McCain’s Vietnam service record, writing:

Only the parts of the speech that touched on McCain’s captivity in Vietnam were moving — and those didn’t come until the end, and haven’t we heard enough about the POW thing already? Worse, he praised HIMSELF as a maverick and as a war hero.

11. In a blog post dated September 29, 2008, Reid wrote about a rumor that claimed that Palin’s daughter Bristol was going to get married in October to distract from problems the McCain campaign was having.

Reid claimed that Palin was “pimping” her daughter and then attacked Bristol’s boyfriend Levi Johnston, writing, “But I sure hope the f***in redneck really does want to marry Bristol… otherwise that’s going to be one short, miserable marriage.”

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