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EXCLUSIVE: Jordan Peterson Joins Prager, Carolla in ‘No Safe Spaces’ Doc

By  Christian Toto

What do Jordan Peterson, Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager have in common? They all worship at the altar of common sense. And that makes them targets in our politically correct age. Only the trio refuses to stay silent.

Now, they’re joining forces as part of a new documentary revealing how Leftist agitators are assaulting free speech on campuses nationwide. Their rage is escalating, and sooner or later someone could get hurt.

Or worse.

Peterson regularly speaks in both the media and on college campuses about the Left’s fury at hearing different opinions, drawing angry protesters where he goes. Peterson’s offense? He refuses to use nongender pronouns, among other thought crimes.

Just this week a woman attending his speech at Queen’s University in Canada was arrested after banging on, and breaking, a window where Peterson delivered his talk. She later bit an officer and was found with a “garrote,” a weapon with metal used to strangle someone, in her bag.

Carolla and Prager teamed up late last year to create “No Safe Spaces.” The documentary, set for a fall release, explores how free speech is under direct attack on college campuses. Disagree? Has there ever been a time when a mild-mannered conservative like Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro required thousands of dollars in security simply to speak to college students?

Carolla, one of the most popular podcasters in the country, may seem like an odd partner for Prager, given the former’s atheism. No matter. They see eye-to-eye on many issues, including a healthy fear that the First Amendment is under fire.

Comedian Tim Allen joined the documentary earlier this year. The addition of Peterson should make the film an even juicier target for those willing to look away as campus violence escalates.

The following clip from “No Safe Spaces,” exclusive to The Daily Wire, features Carolla chatting with Peterson about two unique trends in modern society. They seem to be wildly different, but as the duo explains, they have something critical connecting them:

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