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EXCLUSIVE: The Exodus Movement Holds First Event As A PAC
Pharaoh's downfall in the Red Sea (Exodus 14). Wood engraving, published in 1886.
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This past Thursday night, The Exodus Movement, an organization focused on raising awareness of the increasing anti-Semitism of the far Left, held an event in Manhattan. It was the group’s first event since the addition of its PAC branch last month.

The event was hosted by Elizabeth Pipko, founder of The Exodus Movement, as well as Andrea Catsamatidis, who was just recently re-elected as the chairwoman of the Manhattan Republican Party.

“The fact that Thursday’s event was such a success and members of the Jewish community and supporters of Israel turned out in such force to support the Exodus Movement is so encouraging and exciting. People are finally waking up to the anti-Semitism and hatred coming from the Left and standing up for Jewish values and our great ally Israel. I was extremely proud to be a part of the event and to stand with my Jewish friends,” stated Catsamatidis.

Also in attendance was special guest Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of President Donald Trump and senior advisor to Trump’s 2020 campaign. In her speech, she addressed all of the actions the president has taken to show his support for Israel — including moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. She also spoke about how the Democratic Party has turned its back on Israel and has welcomed blatant anti-Semites into its ranks.

“Watching everything come together and seeing a room filled with people all fighting for the same thing and all hopeful for the future was an incredible moment for me. I’m honored to have the support of both Lara and Andrea. And I so look forward to everything the Exodus Movement has planned for the future. This is just the beginning!” stated Pipko.

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Since its addition of its organizational PAC branch, the Exodus Movement is now focusing on moving to more aggressively target persuadable Jewish voters in key states — including Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. When announcing the PAC launch this summer, Pipko stated, “This new 527 organization will hold those to account who don’t support Jewish voters and the issues they care about the most.”

The organization’s chapter program was also announced this summer. Since then, the organization has grown from 11 nationwide chapters to 25.

Note: Author Jeremy Frankel serves as the head of the Bergen County, New Jersey Exodus Movement chapter.

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