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EXCLUSIVE: D’Souza: Obama Believes ‘Islam Is Preferable to Christianity’

By  Ben Shapiro

Dinesh D’Souza, author of the new book Stealing America, has become the poster child for victims of left-wing intimidation tactics. After his massively successful documentary 2016: Obama’s America premiered, he quickly fell into the target sights of the Obama administration; in May 2014, he pled guilty to a charge of using straw donors to make $20,000 in illegal contributions to a Republican Senate candidate in 2012. D’Souza spent eight months in jail over activities pursued commonly in the political world. But D’Souza had run afoul of the Obama authorities, and so he had to pay the price.

In his new book, D’Souza spells out what he learned in prison, and applies it to the Obama administration. On Tuesday, he spoke with The Daily Wire about President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the future of the country.

I began by asking D’Souza about President Obama’s plans regarding the importation of Muslim refugees. What was driving the President of the United States to decry Republicans as bigots for wanting to protect the American people from unvetted Islamic refugees from terror-breeding countries? “In 2016, I advanced a theory about Obama that at the time was controversial,” D’Souza said. “My theory about Obama was that you can’t understand him as another Jimmy Carter. He’s not a bungler, an amateur. And yet that opinion of Obama has now persisted for 8 years; even most of the Republican candidates keep trying to lecture Obama, to educate him about the realities of the world. They tell him it’s a dangerous move to let in the refugees; they tell him the mullahs want to build a bomb; they tell him Putin used to be a KGB officer.

“This Obama educational project has completely failed,” D’Souza continued. “Obama and his allies actually have a different goal than we think. We think of American politics as two parties with the same goals, but disagree on means. Now we have Democrats in Obama and Hillary who are completely different than earlier generations of Democrats, who have a different agenda. I said Obama’s agenda is to shrink the wealth and power of the US, he’s a redistributionist on a global scale. He sees domestic enemies as more dangerous than foreign enemies; he’s more animated in denouncing conservatives and Republicans – in denouncing us — than he is in denouncing the Iranians or the Russians or the radical Muslims.

“When I said those things some people were shocked,” D’Souza explained, “because as Americas we want to believe that our president is going to look out for our best interests. But I called that assumption into question on the grounds that Obama has a different view on what the interests of the US are. He’s trying to rebalance the ship of the world. If you understand his agenda, his refugee policy makes sense. The life of a Syrian refugee counts just as much as the life of an American citizen. So Obama’s able to say they’re running from terrorism; what would allow us to say no to letting them in? And if we say his job is to protect American citizens under the Constitution, that there are needy people around the world and we wish them well, but they don’t necessarily become our responsibility, Obama would consider this not just alien talk but dangerous talk. We’re dealing with a president who doesn’t see the interests of America as special.”

I asked D’Souza if he believed, as I do, that President Obama prefers Islam to Christianity because he believes that Christianity undergirds an exploitative and colonial Western civilization. “If there were large groups of Christians in the US or anywhere in the world going around — religious people, committing heinous crimes and by their own account doing it in the name of Christianity, do you think Obama would hesitate for one moment labeling them Christian terrorists?” D’Souza answered. “This would be clinically accurate to Obama. But when very pious Muslims do these deeds in the name of Islam, Obama acts like they’re kidding, or like they don’t know what they’re doing. There’s a single standard behind this: Islam is preferable to Christianity.”

D’Souza talked at length about his experiences in prison as well. “Criminals think that human nature is not driven merely by lofty ideals,” D’Souza explained. “Those of us who inhabit the intellectual world, we think of politics as a debate, a debate between liberty and equality, for example. Criminals think human nature is driven by avarice, lust, greed, hatred, envy, revenge; they think that those are the motivations that give us a real clue how people are going to behave. And I began to see some of the progressive rhetoric, the rhetoric of social justice, as being more of a con man’s pitch. The con man’s pitch allows him to get you to open the door; then he kicks it in and steals your stuff.”

D’Souza continued, “I began to see the cleverness behind some of these progressive schemes. When you follow money and power, it’s better than following the argument.”

D’Souza said that Obama has a “gangster streak”; so, he said, does Hillary Clinton. He said that Obama’s gangster streak existed to push an ideological agenda, while Hillary’s gangsterism is for its own sake: “The Clintons are a couple that want to be the Boss of America in the same way Don Corleone was the boss of a huge operation. You’re either for them or against them. If you belong to their family, you must be loyal to them. There’s omerta. They use politics to accumulate enormous wealth and power….They’ve played the system to bring hundreds of millions into their own coffers and a billion into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation. That’s something unprecedented in American politics. We’ve seen Tammany Hall – we’ve seen it at the local level. But they’re not just running a national racket, they’re running a global racket.”

The Obama-Clinton gangster mentality is forwarded by the use of Saul Alinsky’s tactics from inside the government, D’Souza averred. “Obama and Hillary have figured out inside intimidation. You get into the government; now you ally with inside and outside groups, groups like Black Lives Matter or a student activist group or ACORN. You ally with them but you also deploy the agencies of government from the inside to back them up, so the DOJ or the FEC or the SEC or the IRS or the EPA. This is a terrifying escalation of power. I don’t think Alinsky would have believed it. They know that power wielded from the inside is more powerful than power wielded from the outside.”

So, how can Republicans defeat this sort of gangsterism? D’Souza says Republicans have to stop being cowed by the alliance of “progressive politicians and powerful forces in academia, in the media and in Hollywood….We’re spending way too much time debating Obama, trying to educate Obama, trying to argue with Obama. He’s not interested in hearing from us or listening to us. He has a view, he’s going to try to put his view into action. It’s like trying to argue with Alinsky when he’s deploying a shakedown technique….All we have to ask is what are effective ways to stop him. Congress has the power to make laws and the power of the purse. Those are the most powerful things to have, but you’d never know it. You’d think that Obama is more powerful than the entire US Congress. I think that’s because they aren’t exercising their real power. Republicans need to stop talking and need to start doing things.”

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