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Ex-Mexican President: Trump ‘A Child,’ ‘Hitler,’ GOP Like Nazis

By  James Barrett

In interviews on Thursday and Friday, Former Mexican President Vicente Fox unloaded on President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, comparing Trump to “Hitler” and the party to the Nazis, and blasting Trump as a “child” and un-American.

Mexico is up in arms after the White House floated the possibility of a 20 percent tax on goods imported from Mexico to help pay for the border wall. In response the current Mexican president canceled a scheduled meeting with the Trump administration, while the former president has been making the rounds to condemn Trump’s “trade war” on his country. To say the least, Fox hasn’t been overly “diplomatic” in his phrasing.

On CNN on Thursday, Fox compared Trump’s meeting with the Republican party that day to watching Hitler addressing the Nazi Party.

“When I saw today’s gathering of the Republican party retreat and Trump being there reminded me of Hitler addressing the Nazi party,” Fox told CNN.

When the reporter interrupted him to clarify if he was actually “comparing the current U.S. president to a man who exterminated millions of people,” Fox replied, “Not in that sense. I’m comparing him in the sense of in the way he is a populist. Of everything that he said in this retreat is pure populism.”

The next morning on CNBC, Fox continued his campaign against Trump, insisting that Mexico will not pay for the wall–“not now, not ever”– and declaring that the “child”-like president wasn’t truly American “in his soul an his beliefs.”

“We get this CEO Trump coming in to sit in the presidential chair and keep acting as a child, as a CEO of his corporations, making deals he says, but he in reality is making mad everybody like it happened with Mexico,” Fox said, adding, “Fortunately, President Pena stood up, faced him and canceled the visit.”

Fox went on to say that “nobody wins on a trade war” and pointing to Canada and India as evidence that Trump was inconsistent in his stance. “Canada exports more cars to the United States than Mexico. He doesn’t say a word there,” said Fox. “India is taking away 4½ million jobs from United States on the outsourcing to call centers, software manufacturing in India.”

On Friday morning, Trump responded on Twitter, writing, “Mexico has taken advantage of the U.S. for long enough. Massive trade deficits & little help on the very weak border must change, NOW!”

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