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EVIL: ISIS Forces Toddler To Shoot Man To Death

The barbarity of ISIS continues to show no limits. In a propaganda video released Sunday, the terror organization appears to force a toddler to shoot a hostage in the head.

The brief video shows the toddler, dressed completely in black, walking into a decrepit ball pit towards a man whose wrists are bound to the fence. The man, who was reportedly a fighter for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), has his eyes closed in the video and doesn’t appear to be conscious.

Once the toddler approaches the man, an ISIS terrorist hands the toddler a small pistol. The toddler proceeds to aim the gun at the prisoner’s head, squints his eyes for a few seconds, and then pulls the trigger.

The bullet strikes the prisoner’s head right as the video ends.

“Screenshots of the video were published on the Twitter account, @Raqqa_SL, with the caption: ‘new #ISIS propaganda video make small children Slaughtering And executed people #syria #ISIL’ (sic),” reports the Daily Mail.

The Islamic terror group also released video showing a boy that is reportedly 10-years-old appearing to execute a man who was believed to be a PKK fighter by slicing his throat with a huge knife. The execution took place in a forsaken park.

ISIS indoctrinates children by forcing them to commit acts of barbarism at a young age so that such actions become second nation. It is truly the height of evil. ISIS will continue to flaunt their inhumane barbarism until they are forcefully extinguished and their evil ideology is repudiated.

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