‘Everyone’s Dead!’: Watters And Gutfeld Spar Over Drug Legalization
DALLAS, TX - FEBRUARY 22: Fox News host Greg Gutfeld speaks during Fox News Channel's "Gutfeld!" Live In Dallas at Gilley's Dallas on February 22, 2022 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images)
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Fox News hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld argued over the consequences of drug legalization during Thursday afternoon’s broadcast of their panel show “The Five.”

Watters brought up the disastrous results of drug decriminalization in Oregon and claimed that the libertarian approach often touted by Gutfeld, who has long been a proponent of decriminalization and even legalization, had clearly failed.


According to reports, Oregon saw a 41% increase in fatal drug overdoses between 2020 and 2021, after decriminalizing small amounts of nearly all drugs — despite the fact that the state also increased access to drug treatment and counseling programs.

Fox News reported that the new law, passed in 2020, reduced possession of small amounts of certain drugs — heroin, meth, cocaine and fentanyl — to a Class E violation. That would carry a possible fine of up to $100, which would be dismissed if the person receiving the fine calls Lines for Life and seeks a health evaluation.

“This is what happens when drugs are illegal,” Gutfeld said, arguing that the problem was the fact that even when small amounts of the drugs were decriminalized, the street drugs were still often full of toxic additives or mixed with other drugs.

“All of these poisonings are street concoctions. We always just say, ‘Oh, it’s opiates.’ But it’s actually a toxic poison, it’s street fentanyl. This is not prescription stuff,” Gutfeld said, going on to argue that loosening restrictions on prescription drugs could lead to addicts using safer products.

“We’re doing just the same thing with ghost guns and law-abiding gun. Were punishing the law-abiding user because there are people using illegally. It’s the same thing with guns that we’re doing a drugs. Lower the restrictions, make it OTC,” Gutfeld argued.

“I am not buying this libertarian mumbo-jumbo,” Watters pushed back.

“What? It’s called facts,” Gutfeld objected.

“This is a perfect example of libertarianism gone wrong. Greg has been singing the song ever since I came on ‘The Five.’ ‘Legalize drugs, legalize drugs, decriminalize it.'” Watters continued. “They did it. Oregon listened to Gutfeld. Now, look at Oregon. Everyone’s dead. That’s what happens when you listen to Greg. You die.”

“What I’m saying is, if somebody’s actually using a safe drug, this doesn’t happen,” Gutfeld protested.

“Is heroin a safe drug?” co-host Jeanine Pirro asked.

“People actually take heroin, yes. Do you know that fentanyl is actually a drug that is prescribed? Are you aware of that?” Gutfeld asked.

Watters continued to argue, telling Gutfeld that he was still wrong — and then co-host Dana Perino jumped in: “If you do what Greg says, you don’t get the crap from China.”

“That’s my point,” Gutfeld agreed.

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