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Even This Leftist Columnist Worries About Political Correctness

By  Aaron Bandler

Political correctness has become such a problem that even lefty columnist Jonathan Chait is concerned about it.

Chait’s Tuesday column in New York Magazine was titled, “Can We Start Taking Political Correctness Seriously Now?” He points to student protesters at the University of Missouri and the reprehensible professor forcing journalists away from the protest, and writes: (emphasis mine)

Political correctness is a system of thought that denies the legitimacy of political pluralism on issues of race and gender. It manifests itself most prominently in campus settings not because it’s a passing phase, like acne, but because the academy is one of the few bastions of American life where the p.c. left can muster the strength to impose its political hegemony upon others. The phenomenon also exists in other nonacademic left-wing communities, many of them virtual ones centered on social media, and its defenders include professional left-wing intellectuals.

The upsurge of political correctness is not just greasy-kid stuff, and it’s not just a bunch of weird, unfortunate events that somehow keep happening over and over. It’s the expression of a political culture with consistent norms, and philosophical premises that happen to be incompatible with liberalism. The reason every Marxist government in the history of the world turned massively repressive is not because they all had the misfortune of being hijacked by murderous thugs. It’s that the ideology itself prioritizes class justice over individual rights and makes no allowance for legitimate disagreement. (For those inclined to defend p.c. on the grounds that racism and sexism are important, bear in mind that the forms of repression Marxist government set out to eradicate were hardly imaginary.)

Chait probably doesn’t realize he’s echoing what PJ Media’s Bill Whittle said in this video about how political correctness is really cultural Marxism:

The full video is worth watching, but essentially Whittle explains that political correctness originated from Marxists who wanted to use the culture to implement their agenda, and did so by spreading the narrative of supposed Western oppression against minorities and women. It’s become so embedded in the culture that now we have these ridiculous protests at the University of Missouri and Yale.

Chait points to student protesters shouting down a Yale administrator for the heinous crime of sending out an email telling students not to be offended by Halloween costumes as well as the sanctioning of a Wesleyan newspaper for publishing a column that was mildly critical of the cop-hating Black Lives Matter movement as examples of politically correct students shutting down any form of dissenting views.

“That these activists have been able to prevail, even in the face of frequently harsh national publicity highlighting the blunt illiberalism of their methods, confirms that these incidents reflect something deeper than a series of one-off episodes,” Chait wrote. “They are carrying out the ideals of a movement that regards the delegitimization of dissent as a first-order goal. People on the left need to stop evading the question of political correctness — by laughing it off as college goofs, or interrogating the motives of p.c. critics, or ignoring it — and make a decision on whether they agree with it.”

Of course the left agrees with it; they’re completely against anyone with a dissenting opinion. Salon’s Amanda Marcotte sides with the student protesters, even going as far as claiming that political correctness is a lie! New York Times sports business columnist Joe Nocera views Mizzou’s football team being a part of the protest as a way for college athletes to induce political change. The left loves political correctness; they just don’t want to admit it.

“They are carrying out the ideals of a movement that regards the delegitimization of dissent as a first-order goal.”

Jonathan Chait on PC activists

Mizzou president Tim Wolfe resigned from his position for these heinous crimes:

  • Wolfe said nothing about the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson.
  • For not doing enough about four racist incidents, though three of which aren’t backed up by evidence and one that was taken care of by the administration.

But you can’t tell that to any of the student protesters or their defenders because that would be so insensitive to their childish egos. They won’t even allow a journalist to film the event. Watch communications Professor Melissa Click and other student protesters throw this journalist out of their “safe space” and then block him from coming back in by forming a human shield:

Comedy Central’s South Park showed the absurdity of safe spaces.

The video illustrates the point made by Chait that political correctness has become so embedded in the culture that freedom of speech and freedom of the press that violate the so-called safe space are not allowed. ABC News and NBC News didn’t bother to cover it.

Radio giant Rush Limbaugh summed it up well in explaining the phenomenon by pointing out that the universities have brought this on themselves:

They’ve been teaching this garbage. They have been teaching this crap. What do they expect after so many years of indoctrinating students with this kind of propaganda? What do they think the students are gonna do? What do they think the students are going to think? When you have years and years and years to get into young skulls full of mush and tell ’em what a rotten place their country is and how life’s unfair and how they’re never gonna amount to a hill of beans, the deck’s totally stacked against ’em and they don’t have a chance, what do you think they’re gonna do?

Exactly what they are doing. But these people in the faculty think they’re teaching in a vacuum or in a bubble where it isn’t going to have any impact on them. But it’s destructive. This is not useful for these students. It’s not furthering their humanity. It’s not improving very much about them at all. It’s endorsing their cowardice. It is keeping them perpetually childlike. It is shielding them from a world that they can’t change. They’re never gonna be able to get rid of mean people. They’re never gonna.

But it won’t stop them from trying, since only feelings matter instead of logic or reason. These student protesters will have a say in the upcoming election. God help us.

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