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Europe Is Now Instructing Muslim Migrants That Rape Is Bad

The migrant situation in Europe is deteriorating rapidly, as the increasingly more desperate measures by authorities demonstrate. A new report out of Norway highlights an escalating problem in many countries in the EU: the “spike in rape cases.”

Over the weekend, the New York Times reported on Norway’s new program it has felt it necessary to offer migrants: courses on “how to treat women,” including instructions specifying that “forc[ing] someone into sex is not permitted.”

“To force someone into sex is not permitted in Norway…”

Norway Migrant Manuel

The Times notes that European authorities have resisted providing instruction on rape and proper conduct involving women because they are “[f]earful of stigmatizing migrants as potential rapists and playing into the hands of anti-immigrant politicians.” But the situation has grown so dire, that even “some migrant activists now favor offering coaching in European sexual norms and social codes.”

Here’s an excerpt from the Times report describing the measures Norway has felt compelled to implement in the face of a “spike in rape cases” (via HotAir):

A course manual sets out a simple rule that all asylum seekers need to learn and follow: “To force someone into sex is not permitted in Norway, even when you are married to that person.”…

The first such program to teach immigrants about local norms and how to avoid misreading social signals was initiated in Stavanger, the center of Norway’s oil industry and a magnet for migrants, after a series of rapes from 2009 to 2011.

Henry Ove Berg, who was Stavanger’s police chief during the spike in rape cases, said he supported providing migrants sex education because “people from some parts of the world have never seen a girl in a miniskirt, only in a burqa.” When they get to Norway, he added, “something happens in their heads.”…

“Men have weaknesses and when they see someone smiling it is difficult to control,” [Muslim refugee Abdu Osman] Kelifa said, explaining that in his own country, Eritrea, “if someone wants a lady he can just take her and he will not be punished,” at least not by the police.

In response to the depressing story, HotAir‘s Allahpundit offers some helpful advice: “Good advice not just for national policy but for life in general: If you find yourself in the company of someone who needs it carefully explained to them that rape is wrong, you’re probably better off not trying to cultivate that acquaintance.”

As The Daily Wire reported, England has seen a similar “spike” in rape cases over the last few years. One particularly high-profile case just concluded with the conviction of 11 men involved in the sexual abuse of a 14-year-old schoolgirl in northern England.