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ESPN Hires LGBT Activist. Because Hey, That’s What Sports Fans Need.

In the least shocking news ever, on the heels of firing baseball all-star Curt Shilling for his conservative views, ESPN, or “MSNBC with footballs,” hired former U.S. Women’s soccer star, LGBT activist and Hillary Clinton surrogate Abby Wambach.

Just what sports fans everywhere have been craving! Another Leftist pushing an agenda via media.

Oh, side note: Ms. Wambach, 35, was just busted for a DUI back in April; she subsequently admitted to previously using cocaine and marijuana. But at least she isn’t conservative.

“The former U.S. Women’s National Team star will contribute to the company’s existing entities, such as ‘Outside the Lines,’ while also starring in a new podcast titled, ‘Fearless Conversation with Abby Wambach,'” reports The Washington Post. “Wambach released a statement to Sports Illustrated about the career move, crediting her soccer career for allowing her to extend her stay in the sport beyond her time on the pitch.”

“My soccer career has provided me with a lot of different experiences that brings more than Xs and Os to the table,” said Wambach. “I’m excited to join ESPN and to have the opportunity to tell stories that transcend soccer.”

Side note: Ms. Wambach, 35, was just busted for a DUI back in April

Wambach is, of course, welcomed by ESPN with open arms. Her LGBT activism won’t stop her from obtaining a position with the company. She has a right to voice her own views and opinions, right?

Clearly, this sentiment is conditioned. Case in point: Curt Shilling. The baseball pitcher dared to side with biology over the Leftist thought police and state that “a man is a man no matter what.” He was subsequently fired.