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Eric Garner’s Daughter RIPS Clinton Campaign Over Gun Control

Eric Garner’s daughter completely tore into Hillary Clinton’s campaign over an op-ed they wrote in favor of gun control.

The Los Angeles Times reports that new WikiLeaks emails showed that when writing the op-ed, Clinton’s team seriously considered invoking Eric Garner in the column. Clinton’s campaign spokesman Nick Merrill was wringing his hands over the possibility that Garner’s daughter, Erica, would come “after us for leaving him out of the piece” because they “have Erica Garner issues.”

Clinton adviser Karen Finney replied, “Reminder that Re: Eric Garner he wasn’t killed by a gun it was police violence.”

Garner was not mentioned in the published op-ed, which was filled with incoherent leftist drivel. But when WikiLeaks exposed the fact that they had considered using Garner, Erica was not pleased:

Garner died after resisting arrest for illegally selling cigarettes, causing the police to put him in a chokehold that triggered a heart attack that killed Garner. Since her father’s death, Erica has become an activist and supported Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the Democratic primary.

Erica has also been on record for criticizing Rev. Al Sharpton, claiming that he is all “about money.”