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WATCH: Turkish Dictator Erdogan Appears To Order His Bodyguards To Attack Protesters On AMERICAN SOIL — Then Watches The Beatdown

A new video has emerged that appears to show Islamist Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan personally ordering his security detail to attack anti-regime protesters assembled on U.S. soil outside of the Turkish ambassador’s residence.

Watch as Erdogan, sitting in a tinted black Mercedes, gives orders to his bodyguards moments before they leave the embassy compound and enter American soil to pummel Kurdish, Yazidi, and Armenian demonstrators protesting peacefully against the human rights abuses of the Turkish regime.

What is definitively clear is that Erdogan stepped out of his vehicle to watch his thugs brawl against both D.C. Metropolitan police and peaceful demonstrators.

This new video evidence adds further fuel to the diplomatic row that began Tuesday. As The Daily Wire reported, Congress has already called for criminal charges to be brought against the members of the Turkish president’s security detail involved in the brutal beating of American residents exercising their constitutionally-granted First Amendment right. The U.S. State Department also delivered a harshly-worded statement against the Turkish government, expressing serious concern about the behavior of Erdogan’s men.

But despite outrage from the United States, the Turks have refused to apologize. Adding insult to injury, a statement released by the Turkish embassy blames the victims of the attack.

“The violence and the injuries were the result of this unpermitted, provocative demonstration,” reads the shockingly defiant statement.

Apparently, “your Kurdish freedom flag was too large” is the new “your skirt was too short.”