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EPIC FAIL: Google Spent $265 Million On Diversity; It Did Nothing

It turns out that Google’s culture of mass virtue-signaling and diversity campaigns has done absolutely nothing to curb its hiring discrepancies … even after spending a whopping $265 million.

According to a report by Axios, Google has spent $265 million since 2014 to create stronger diversity initiatives and detailed analytics on their hiring demographics to curtail what some perceived as a gender gap in Silicon Valley. This initiative became so nauseating it led one of their employees to publish a 10-page memo suggesting that perhaps, maybe just perhaps, the gender gap had something do with biological differences.

Having their authority questioned ruffled too many feathers in upper management and the employee was subsequently canned. However, with all the money Google has spent – $265 freaking million – it’s not a mark of imprudence for one to at least inquire if any of their drunken spending habits in the race to out-virtue-signal their competitors actually made a difference. The graph below says no:

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Axios breaks it down succinctly:

Despite Google and its parent company’s public statements in support of diversity in technology and multiple outreach and community programs, it seems to have made little headway since it began publishing its workforce demographic data three years ago. For example, U.S. Latino employees now make up 5% of the overall workforce and professional jobs, up from 3% each in 2013, and women now hold 13% of leadership positions, up from 8%. At the same time, black employees still only make up 2% of all U.S. jobs, 2% of technical ones, and 3% of executive roles.

Of course, Google has made no comment as to whether or not they actually monitor the effectiveness of their “diversity initiatives.”

Axios noted that this may not necessarily prove that Google wastes money on pointless pursuits since these measures may take time. “In 2015, for example, 21% of its new technical hires were women, while women held only 19% of all tech jobs at the company at the time,” they report.

Still, it’s telling that Google, whose massive spending did little to achieve the golden diversity utopia thus far, will not allow even a modicum of dissent when their own data shows that their forced diversity campaign may prove about as effective as hunting for a unicorn on Mars, and that at least requires some ingenuity.

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