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The Endless List Of Sins Committed By J. Edgar Comey

Where to begin with this tall drink of lying, leaking, sniveling, sleazing crybaby we call former-FBI Director James Comey? What a thing to witness Thursday afternoon. You could see that the man who came to town to play Jack Ryan was lacking even the smidgen of self-awareness required to comprehend that he is in fact Uriah Heep, that he is much worse than the man who he declaratively claimed not to be, another former FBI director, one J. Edgar Hoover.

At least Hoover never tried to manipulate an America coup.

The sins of James Comey are almost too many to mention. But we are going to try to list them anyway because that is why the Good Lord invented New Media.

1. Comey Covered Up Loretta Lynch’s Cover Up

Until it could make him look like The Last Honest Man In D.C., Comey withheld the fact from the public, and the necessary authorities, that President Barry’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, ordered him to cover up an investigation of Hillary Clinton by using the word “matter.”

But wait, it gets impossibly worse …

2. Comey Participated In Loretta Lynch’s Cover Up

Comey did it. Comey used the word “matter.” He participated in the cover up. But only when dipping Lynch in the grease would make him look bipartisan, did he bother to inform anyone. Speaking of informing the public …

3. Comey Lied About Trump NOT Being Under Investigation

Comey watched for months as Democrats and the national media relentlessly lied 24/7 about President Trump being under investigation over the Russia Hoax. Comey not only sat there and let this faux fury go on and on and on and on, Comey also sat on the truth that the entire Russian collusion story was a lie. Comey knew that no one in authority was investigating Trump (and therefore the whole collusion thing was a manufactured media hoax) and so, in order to blackmail the president into keeping his job, he refused to tell the American people the truth. You see, it works like this …

When the public is led to believe a certain man is investigating the president, this is the man with the safest job in D.C. Therefore, Comey needed to keep this illusion alive, not just as a means to remain director of the FBI, but the overall leverage it gave him over a sitting president.

During his Thursday testimony Comey said, “I was worried very much of being in kind of a — kind of a J. Edgar Hoover-type situation.” No, he wasn’t. Because we now know that through a breathtaking lie of omission, that is precisely what he did.

Not telling the American public the truth about their own president, especially after you have gone on national television to dramatically announce that the FBI is investigating the ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, is an astonishing lie, an unethical and un-American lie of omission.

To begin with, one of the primary jobs of law enforcement is to protect the presumption of innocence. If someone, not just the president, is not under investigation, it is your ethical and constitutional duty to not allow an investigation that does not exist to damage that person’s reputation. To do otherwise is the stuff of banana republics.

Finally, Comey’s silence eventually became an outright lie because his very silence on this matter, combined with his dramatic “The FBI is investigating” peacocking, was no doubt deliberately meant to give the false impression that Trump himself was under investigation.

Former FBI Director James Comey is sworn in while testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill June 8, 2017 in Washington, DC.

4. Comey Took Secret Notes About the President and Leaked Them to the Media

When J. Edgar Comey leaked his secret notes about Trump to The New York Times (through a pal), Congress had already requested Comey’s so-called contemporaneous notes. To ignore that request as a means to manipulate events (Comey said his goal in leaking the notes was to see a special prosecutor appointed), is the exact opposite of honorable and ethical. And it is probably illegal.

5. Comey Leaked Government Property to the Media

Comey’s notes did not belong to him. They were not his to give away to anyone. By his own testimony, those notes (which are now in the hands of a Comey confidante) were not a diary but rather notes taken by a government employee expressly for the purpose “memorializing” conversations with the president of the United States.

This is a very serious offense on Comey’s part.

6. Comey’s Selective Note-Taking

Comey claims he took contemporaneous notes about his conversations with Trump because he did not trust the president. And yet, even after Lynch ordered him to mislead the public about the Clinton e-mail investigation, he did not take notes?

There are only two possible reasons for this: (1) Comey is a liar who does have notes about the Obama administration; (2) Comey is a partisan thug who is lying to damage President Trump.

7. The Media Leaks from the FBI Were Deliberately Meant to Damage Trump

Senator Marco Rubio hit the nail squarely on the head Thursday. What an extraordinary accomplishment our Deep State Demons can claim in leaking everything damaging about Trump — (including outright lies — and a whole lot of leaks came out of Comey’s FBI) except for the only truth that mattered, the truth that Trump himself was never under investigation.

8. Comey Hid All of Trump’s Supposed Sins from the Chain of Legal Command

With the transparent humblebrag of calling himself a “coward,” Comey tried to sleaze his way out of one of the key questions regarding his unethical (and possibly illegal) behavior: If you were so concerned about Trump’s “asks,” why did you keep secret notes (that were leaked to The New York Times after Congress asked for them, in other words, he only revealed them when he thought they could hurt Trump in the worst way imaginable) rather than use the chain of command to report his behavior — as Comey is required to do by law?

There are only two possible explanations for Comey’s behavior and both of them include the world “lying.”

9. Comey Knew The New York Times Published an Epic Lie About Trump and Said Nothing

Once again in his phony effort to look like the last honest man in D.C., Comey threw the political right a bone by dipping The New York Times in the grease by exposing the fact that one of that left-wing outlet’s most explosive Bombshells is a massive pile of Fake News (not that we didn’t already know that).

And once again, Comey has been caught lying through omission, allowing a duly-elected president to be smeared and hamstrung for months by lies as he (Comey) confirms these lies through his silence. The fact that he did not “contemporaneously” correct the record is unconscionable.

Comey’s (uncharacteristic) silence once again ignored his ethical duty to protect the presumption of innocence, and a whole lot of innocent people were smeared by that Fake News.

10. Ruh-Roh: There Is Perjury In The Air

Through his attorney, President Trump is outright accusing Comey of perjury. Trump claims he never asked Comey for his loyalty. And this is not going to go away.

Moreover, under oath, Comey claimed that a tweet from President Trump prompted him to leak his notes to The New York Times. However, the tweet in question came days AFTER The Times began reporting on the contents of Comey’s notes.

And here is the worst one. Without getting bogged down into the reasons why Comey felt this was worth committing perjury over, Comey claimed he was unaware of a “memorandum issued from the attorney general or the Department of Justice to the FBI, outlining the parameters of his recusal,” per the Department of Justice, however, that was a bald-faced lie and they have the smoking gun in the form of an email sent to Comey (that he read) outlining exactly that.

Listen, I could go and on and on … Including Comey’s hypocrisy in seeing no illegal intent in Hillary setting up a secret server in her bathroom and wiping it clean, but all kinds of intent in Trump asking him to clear his name and expressing the “hope” that his friend Mike Flynn is cleared. But the Internet only has so much room. So let’s leave it at this …

In summation: Like the Deep State Sleaze he is, Comey took secret notes on the president and then leaked them to press — notes that were not his to give away, notes already requested by the People’s representatives in Congress. Comey silently stood smiling like a snake for months, an act that deliberately made it look as though an innocent man — Trump — was under investigation when he was not. Comey actively participated in a cover-up to mislead the public about the true nature of the Hillary Clinton investigation. Comey is either lying about what he believed Trump did or violated the chain of command in not reporting it — and either way, he did so as a means to manipulate the American president and the investigation against that president.

For his part. Trump is yesterday’s big winner. He’s been cleared of the Russian probe. Moreover, along with a host of others, even Comey had to admit under oath that the president did nothing illegal. And even if you take Comey’s leaked-to-the-media notes at face value, Trump looks more wounded, frustrated and human when up against this Deep State Sleaze, than menacing or Machiavellian. There is certainly no obstruction here. Not even close.

The bottom line is that Trump’s decision to fire Comey — which many claimed was a huge error — ended up revealing desperately vital truths that the media and Deep State were actively covering up.

Trump is taking a helluva beating in this war against these scheming people, and regardless of how the lying media spins it, we can all see that this righteous battle is the existential truth behind everything.

Godspeed, Mr. President. We stand with you.

Now, if only the Republican congress would get off its cowardly ass and pass some much-needed legislation.

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