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‘Embarrassing’ Madonna Gets Destroyed by Feminist Camille Paglia

Madonna messed with the wrong feminist.

On Friday, at the Billboard Women in Music event, musical icon and die-hard leftist Madonna bashed outspoken feminist Camille Paglia for allegedly rejecting her in the 1990s and claiming the pop-star “set women back” by objectifying herself.

Only these are all lies, as Paglia was one of the first defenders and proponents of Madonna during the 1990s, even penning a controversial piece in which she hailed the superstar as a “true feminist.”

“It is truly tragic to see Madonna descend into embarrassing displays of maudlin self-pity and irrational accusations against others,” Paglia told The Daily Mail. “She is turning into a horrifying combination of delusional, vampiric Norma Desmond and bitter Joan Crawford on the bottle.”

Paglia then went on to utterly destroy Madonna’s behavior over the last 20 years, particularly her “embarrassing inability to deal with aging,” which Paglia labeled as the singer’s “number one issue” on her road to “self-destruction.”

“Camille noted that while Madonna’s role model, Marlene Dietrich, retained her class and style until her death, the singer is making a fool of herself ‘with vulgar displays while trying to remain youthful,'” notes The Daily Mail.

Earlier this month, at a Miami fundraiser, Madonna chose to “twerk” her 58-year-old body alongside young pop-star Ariana Grande. Back in October, Madge offered up oral sex to those who voted for former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, before she continued to brag about her oral sex-giving abilities while on stage at Madison Square Garden. And in May, at the Met Ball, the senior citizen sported a black lace dress which completely revealed her breasts and backside.

Repelled by Madonna’s pathetic style choice, which reflect those of a rebellious teenager and not a strong, grown woman, Paglia stated: “She has become a cringe-making pastiche of ratty blonde hair extensions and artificially swollen cheeks, obscuring the magnificent classic bone structure that made her one of the most photogenic celebrities of the 1990s.” Ouch.

“In her struggles to stay relevant,” continued the feminist, “Madonna has debased herself with adolescent, pitifully inept Instagrams that cannot compete with Rihanna’s brilliant work in that genre.”

Paglia then kindly recommended some honest self-reflection for the pop-star pathetically clinging to her youth.

“Instead of lugubrious rants and hysterical recriminations, perhaps Madonna should try a little honest self-critique,” she concluded.