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‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Phil Robertson: ‘Politicians Put People Out Of Work, Killed Small Businesses’
Reality TV's Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson holds up his Bible during a campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in Charleston, South Carolina, February 19, 2016. / AFP / JIM WATSON
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson joined the chorus of Americans, both Left and Right, skewering the newest COVID-19 stimulus package passed by Congress.

In a lengthy Instagram post  after Congress passed the gargantuan $900 billion bill that provides Americans with about $600 depending on a number of factors, Robertson fired off on politicians that made people’s lives miserable while doing nothing to fix the situation.

“Politicians put people out of work, killed small businesses, and said it was to protect us. And now Congress wants to send Americans $600 for their troubles?” Robertson began.  “Seems like it’s the heavy boot of big government we need protection from. We’ve had just about enough of passing the bill to find out what’s in it.”

Robertson then argued that Americans need to stop looking to the government for help and looking to each other.

“Here’s what I know after more than 7 decades on this earth: One kingdom-minded redneck can help a down-and-out redneck better than the government ever could,” he said. “If we turn that responsibility over to the government and let ungodly legislators determine how to help us and how to spend our money, there’s no doubt our money will be used for ungodly ends.”

“I’ll never put my faith in a pork-filled bill so heavy it has to be wheeled around. I’m going with Jesus Politics instead,” he continued. “It’s time to fight for the right to decide how to use our money to care for the poor, minister to the needy, and advance the message of Jesus. That’s exactly what Jesus asks of us, and it’s what my book Jesus Politics is all about.”

To those who would say that “Jesus Politics” simply uses Christ for power and influence, Robertson said that it’s exactly the opposite.

“Jesus Politics isn’t a book for Election Day. It’s a book about what we can do EVERY day to love God, love our neighbor, and do what’s right — no matter who’s running the government,” he said. “There’s still time to get Jesus Politics from Amazon before Christmas, and we’re going to need every citizen of the kingdom working together in 2021.”

As reported by Fox News, celebrities from both the Left and Right side of the aisle have severely criticized the bill.

“I would have so much more respect for members of Congress if instead of tweeting their contentment with this ‘relief’ bill they said, ‘It’s not good, we know, but we had to get something passed. Biden will be here soon and we can get some real relief to the American people,'” tweeted Alyssa Milano.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) denounced the bill for adding more to the U.S. national debt.

“This bill is free money for everyone. Proponents don’t care if you’re fully employed, or own your own house, or own your own business,” he said on the senate floor. “If free money were the answer, if money really grew on trees, why not give more free money? Why not give it out all the time? Why stop at $600 a person? Why not $1,000? Why not $2,000?”

“Maybe these new free money Republicans should join the ‘everybody gets a guaranteed income’ caucus? Why not $20,000 a year for everybody, why not $30,000? If we can print out money with impunity, why not do it?” he asked.

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