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DRAMA QUEEN: Actress Says She Imagined Giving Baby To Canada After Trump Was Elected

Those who stayed up on election night 2016 remember the images of Hillary Clinton supporters crying and screaming and political commentators claiming that the country was doomed — women and minorities especially.

Celebrities are apparently still dramatizing their feelings over that night for sympathy, as actress Amber Tamblyn did on Sunday at her “Feminist AF” reading at Vulture Fest. Those attending the reading no doubt found her account of post-election night panic horrifying and all too real, while the rest of us sane people hear these kinds of histrionics and roll our eyes.

The Hollywood Reporter (THR) framed Tamblyn’s reading as an “emotional story” about election night. The story was exactly what we’ve come to expect from entitled millennials who turn every feeling into some sort of crime against nature.

Tamblyn read from her upcoming political memoir Era of Ignition: Coming of Age in a Time of Rage and Revolution, which details her “political awakening,” according to THR. She was the last reader of the night, and recalled spending election night with actress America Ferrera and “comedian” Amy Schumer. Singer Katy Perry was also there (obviously, these women face grueling oppression). Tamblyn was pregnant with her daughter at the time, and described her realization that Clinton might not win the presidency.

“I swigged some more Zantac, and my baby shoved her foot into my ribs, as if to foreshadow the pain that was yet to come,” Tamblyn read, according to THR.

She realized Clinton had definitely lost when her campaign chairman, John Podesta, said Clinton wasn’t going to speak to the crowd at Javits Center that night.

“A dark realization swallowed me: I was going to bring a baby into this world. And not just any baby: a girl,” Tamblyn read. She also said she imagined giving her daughter to Canadians or Swedes to protect her from whatever damage she believed President Donald Trump would do to the country (as of this writing, Tamblyn has not given her daughter away for political reasons).

The day after the election, Tamblyn said, she was at a subway station and started experiencing pain and shortness of breath. She said she collapsed, and a “homeless man” offered to cut the umbilical cord if she was going into labor.

It turns out, Tamblyn was just having a self-induced panic attack because her preferred candidate lost.

“How can I keep her safe?” Tamblyn said she asked her doctor about the baby after the attack. Tamblyn said the doctor suggested listening to a one-minute recording each day to remind her of their bond. She then played a one-minute recording of her daughter’s heartbeat for the audience.

The “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” actress ultimately gave birth to her daughter and still resides in America with her husband, “Arrested Development” actor David Cross.

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