Dr Jordan Peterson Takes On Gender Madness In New Episode Of ‘Vision & Destiny’
Jordan Peterson, who just joined DailyWire+, sat down with Megan Basham for an exclusive interview
Gregory Woodman for DailyWire+

Dr Jordan B Peterson’s second episode of “Vision & Destiny” on DailyWire+ features the best-selling author and clinical psychologist exploring the ongoing identity crisis in the West and how radical gender ideology is adding fuel to the fire.

Peterson first came to international attention in September of 2016 when he posted a series of videos criticizing Bill C-16, a proposed piece of Canadian legislation that would add “gender expression” and “gender identity” to the list of protected classes under the Canadian Human Rights Act. Peterson argued that the law represented an unprecedented infringement on free speech as it would compel people to use a person’s desired pronouns whether or not the speaker thought they were legitimate.

While the initial controversy was primarily about free speech, Peterson has continued to maintain that the category of “gender identity” is ill-formed, psychometrically invalid, and is rooted in and promulgated by a corrupt ideology of Marxist origins.

“It’s not real,” Peterson said. “They have no idea in their idiot decisions how to measure the phenomena that they claim exist.”

“Obviously there are functional differences between men and women,” Peterson continued. “The most important of which, you might say, is the fact that if you take a typical man and a typical woman and they engage in sexual activity, there is some reasonable probability that a child will emerge … that’s a fundamental reality and it takes that binary process.”

Peterson argues that this differential approach to reproductive process drives the other biological and psychological differences between men and women — men tend to be larger, stronger, more robust, and more willing to engage in physical confrontation, whereas female bodies are optimized toward the bearing and rearing of infants.

Within the Big 5 model of personality traits, the major sex differences are that women tend to be more agreeable and more sensitive to negative emotion than men, making them more threat sensitive and more likely to sacrifice their own interests for vulnerable members of their ingroup.

Peterson notes that while there are differences in the temperament between the average male and average female, there is also overlap, the same way there is a smaller overlap in the distribution of strength and height, so that within the set of all men and all women there will be some “masculine” women and some “feminine” men.

Peterson also argues that while human beings develop in a social context, and identities and expectations are inevitably shaped by and negotiated within a culturally loaded framework, any cultural edifice is built atop the basic biological structure.

Peterson also objects to the imposition of one’s subjective feelings in the name of respecting a person’s “true self.”

“As a trained physician, I think I’m going to do a lot more damage to you in the medium-to-long run by going along with your claim that you can just be anything you want,” he remarked.

“It’s an absolute and utter unethical abdication of every element of professional responsibility,” Peterson said. “There’s no excuse for it.”

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