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‘Doom Baby Fetus’: Video Game Lets Players Kill Priests, Pro-Lifers, Unborn Baby

A South American video game titled “Doom Fetito” (Doom Baby Fetus) allows players to shoot themselves up so they can kill some unborn babies in response to the current debate surrounding abortion in Argentina.

According to LifeNews, the grotesque video game “has players race to procure an abortion-inducing drug by battling Catholic priests, Nazi-like police and pro-life women. Once those ‘opponents’ have been conquered, players are supposed to kill ‘the boss,’ which is an unborn child, in the ‘Doom’-style game.”

At the end of the game when the literal “boss baby” is defeated, a message displays: “You defeated fetito! Give this misoprostol to those in need so they might defeat it, too!” Misoprostol is an abortion-inducing drug that could become legal in pharmacies if Argentina adopts a bill the Senate will vote on on August 8. More from LifeNews:

Aside from making abortifacients more accessible, the bill also would legalize abortion on demand until the 14th week of pregnancy, and in some cases, make the deadly procedure accessible until the ninth month.

Misoprostol may be the drug awarded to players once they beat the game, but in reality, the drug hurts lives more than it helps them. In 2011, the World Health Organization advocated for the use of misoprostol outside of a hospital setting to induce abortions, which is incredibly dangerous. Research indicates the drug fails a quarter of the time, and women often still require medical attention.

Keila Jones, a 17-year-old Argentine girl, died of internal bleeding in 2017 after being administered misoprostol to induce an abortion, according to Crux. Jones’ mother is now suing the doctor who administered the drug, arguing that Jones was a minor and should have had parental approval.

The game’s developer created the game to mock Argentina’s pro-life movement for frequently featuring photos of a 20-foot cardboard baby during pro-life rallies. Despite the mockery, the country’s pro-life movement still goes strong. With the backing of Pope Francis, a pro-life ministry announced last week it will be opening homes to women facing difficult pregnancies and tough situations – “Home of the Maternal Hug.”

“We want to give a concrete response to the needs of our slums and popular neighborhoods, where life is welcomed despite the difficulties,” the organization said. “Each pregnancy, each girl and boy, is waited for and received as a gift, with the hope of a different, better future.”