Don’t Miss The Premiere Of Daily Wire’s Thriller ‘Shut In’ Coming Soon
Shut In
Shut In | The Daily Wire

The wait is finally (almost) over. The Daily Wire is hosting a special viewing for its first original film, “Shut In,” at 9 pm E.T. on Thursday, February 10, 2022. Limited to viewers in the United States, the 90-minute thriller will be streamed in its entirety on the company’s YouTube channel. After the premiere, the movie will be available exclusively to Daily Wire members on

“Shut In” is a heart-pounding thriller that celebrates the powerful bonds of family and the lengths a mother will go to protect her children, no matter the cost.

For decades, cultural institutions have been dominated by the political left. With its new film division, The Daily Wire is hoping to provide an alternative to Hollywood with films free of hidden political agendas. “Shut In” is an example of the high-quality entertainment offerings that The Daily Wire plans to deliver to its members and part of the company’s plan to win back the culture from the left.

“If you want milquetoast polemics masquerading as entertainment, Daily Wire’s film venture isn’t for you. ’Shut In’ is a fiercely independent, powerful movie about motherhood and redemption. It’s riveting. It’s challenging. It’s highly entertaining. We cannot wait to release it next week,” said Daily Wire co-founder and co-CEO Jeremy Boreing.

“Shut In” was directed by DJ Caruso (“Disturbia”) and stars Rainey Qualley (“Ultrasound”) and Jake Horowitz (“The Vast of Night”). The film also marks the comeback of indie film icon Vincent Gallo (“Buffalo ’66″) in his first major role in nearly a decade. Over the years, Gallo, who plays one of the film’s lead villains, has been viciously attacked by liberal entertainment reporters for his conservative viewpoints, satire, and support for President Donald Trump.

Caruso has described “Shut in” as a “brilliant script” and a “fiercely independent film.” 

In a previous interview, the director expressed gratitude for the artistic liberty The Daily Wire provided him while working on the project, saying, “I was given the creative freedom to craft a film that features a flawed, but graceful character that must fight addiction, and dire circumstances to find light in a very dark place.”

The riveting psycho-thriller centers on a young single mother who is held captive in her pantry by her violent ex and his meth-addict friend. The desperate mom has to plot and execute her escape to save her children before it’s too late. Though the movie contains Christian symbolism and strong values — such as self-reliance, second chances, and the right to self-defense — it is not a political movie.

Bonfire Legend’s Dallas Sonnier (“Bone Tomahawk”) first discovered the “Shut In” script on The Blacklist website, purchased the rights, and introduced writer Melanie Toast to her agents at UTA. The project went on to be set up at New Line Cinema, and even got as far as starting pre-production with Jason Bateman as the director. However, the project fell apart, and after the option period ended, Sonnier chose to take the project out of New Line and over to The Daily Wire. 

Boreing and Daily Wire co-founders Ben Shapiro and Caleb Robinson serve as executive producers on the film. This is The Daily Wire’s first original feature-length film after announcing it was breaking into entertainment with the acquisition of Kyle Rankin’s “Run Hide Fight” from Bonfire Legend. That movie project was just the beginning of The Daily Wire building their entertainment division. 

“When people hear that a conservative media company has entered the film business, their initial reaction is to think we’re making ‘Hillary’s Hard Drive Part III,’ but that’s not the case. We’re making the kinds of movies we grew up watching before the industry became too politically correct, too formulaic, and too preoccupied with satisfying the edicts of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Meanwhile, Shapiro explained conservatives must begin producing their own content to combat Hollywood’s attempts to “undermine the very values that have made this country exceptional.” Daily Wire is leading the charge by spearheading projects beginning with “Run, Hide, Fight” and continuing with “Shut In.” These are not second-rate films with saccharine, watered-down messaging and B-list actors. They are real Hollywood productions with the most talented entertainment professionals in the business. This is how you change the culture.

Besides films, Daily Wire is expanding their podcast coverage to include the new program “Truth Yeller” hosted by legendary comedian Adam Carolla. Hollywood hates him, so Daily Wire signed him. Same goes for former Disney star Gina Carano, who got canceled and then fired from “The Mandalorian” for stating opinions that go against the mainstream. Carano is now working on a major project with Daily Wire that fully celebrates her talents. More details will be shared very soon on that front.

The Daily Wire will announce additional details about the “Shut In” premiere and the company’s future entertainment plans in the coming days. 

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