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Don’t Fall for the Media’s Alternate Reality. 12 Reasons Trump’s Doing Great!

With real change comes disruption.

Before the dead-end #NeverTrumpers have a stroke, my headline is not to say that President Trump and his staffers are doing everything perfect. Nevertheless, in the area of competence, Trump is having a better first 10 days than Bill Clinton, who completely blew the Haitian refugee crisis in the opening of his presidency; and much better than Barack Obama, who muffed the BP oil spill big time, during his. Clinton went on to become a lousy husband but a pretty good Chief Executive. Obama went on to cripple our economy, allow countless domestic terror attacks to occur, and blow up the Middle East.

Following his executive order to pause immigration from just 7 of over 40 Muslim-majority countries, there do appear to have been some communication issues. But in the end, only 100 or so people were detained — not at Auschwitz, as the media would have you believe, but in climate-controlled American airports, complete with television, Starbucks, and all the latest magazines. My Supercuts should be so comfortable.

Overall, though, Trump is off to a spectacular start — and I say that as an objective measure. While his opposition party in the media is in full-propaganda mode to fabricate an alternate reality that says otherwise, the facts just don’t bear that out.

Let’s start with the polls. According to Rasmussen, 57% stand with Trump on the refugee pause. Only 33% disagree. Do you know what that means? That means this policy is POPULAR. Prior to the signing of the executive order, a Quinnipiac poll showed similar results, 48% approve of the plan, while only 42% disapprove.

And the refugee pause was the least of Trump’s accomplishments.

1. Successful powows with large and small business owners that appear to have resulted in tangible job creation and fewer jobs heading overseas.

2. Killed the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

3. Put the first steps of building the border wall into law.

4. Effectively killed ObamaCare by calling on government agencies not to enforce the fascist mandate.

5. Put the Dakota and Keystone Pipelines back online. On top of the energy benefits, there will be tangible job benefits.

6. Will nominate a Supreme Court Justice later today, and unless there is something scandalous no one sees coming, this person will sit on the Court.

7. Met with labor leaders, all of whom sang his praises. This is an act of outright political theft on Trump’s part. Imagine if Obama had been able to do the same with Evangelical leaders.

8. Kept his promise on lobbying.

9. Showed real, decisive leadership in immediately firing his acting Attorney General, the corrupt Obama appointee he was stuck with.

10. Unlike Obama, Trump will eventually get the Cabinet he wants. As the Los Angeles Times points out: “All Trump’s Cabinet picks appear to be headed toward confirmation in the Senate, even though they suffered through rough hearings. That’s unusual; President Obama lost three nominees in his first months.”

11. Grew his support among Republicans. Again from the Los Angeles Times: “Two weeks ago, [a Quinnipiac poll] found that 76% of Republicans approved of the job Trump was doing; now that number is at 81%. Among Democrats, his rating sank from 10% to a barely measurable 4%.”

12. Is already slashing the governmental red tape that kills job creation and economic growth.

What is happening on your television is pure propaganda. The Riefenstahl MSM and their Soros Shock Troops are fabricating a narrative to make it look like the Majority is being defied and Chaos is breaking out all over.

Working with the Left, the MSM does this all the time. The goal is to make you feel as though you are in the minority, to wear you out until you join the flow, to have you question your own beliefs and even your sanity because Wow. Look at all these crowds. Look at all of the media! And they are all so sure they are right and that I’m a Nazi.

Post-Sandy Hook, in their cynical crusade to strip us of our Second Amendment civil rights, this is exactly what they did for years to further the cause of gun control. The entire institution of the national media coordinated to fabricate an alternate reality where morality and public opinion was on their side. The Soros Shock Troops astro-turfed the crowds to prove it.

The media’s entire campaign to defeat Trump’s pursuit of the presidency used the same tactics. This is why they tried to ignore his crowds. This is why phony polls were spread as gospel, why everyone in the media went the full-Dick Morris with their proclamations of “Trump can’t win.”

Again, the pressure is on to make you feel isolated, to weaken your resolve, to beckon you to the darkside where you are promised the reward of warm acceptance and the label of “brave” by The Beautiful People.

There is a reason why all of these protests are only able to occur in the Bluest parts of our Bluest states.

It is all a mirage.

The good news is that this is the only play the media appears to have, and the American people saw through it long, long ago.

P.S. Don’t let the corrupt media psyche you out with cherry-picked job approval numbers. In that area, Trump is doing a whole lot better than you are being led to believe.

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