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Donald Trump Jr. Hits Red-State Democratic Senate Candidates Where It Hurts

By  James

Donald Trump Jr. has hit the campaign trail to promote Republican candidates from Nevada to North Carolina, Georgia to Michigan. He’s already helped raise over a million dollars, and he’s only going to be more active over the next three weeks. He’s also making sure to keep up the pressure on Democrats, particularly those from red and purple states, online, where he’s strategically hitting each candidate where it hurts each the most.

According to Real Clear Politics, heading into the election Democrats safely have 44 seats in the Senate, while Republicans safely have 50. If that holds true, Democrats will not win the 51-seat majority they’ve been so sure they would win in a “blue wave.” The six remaining “toss up” seats are all in red or purple states.

Among the Democrats who have become increasingly vulnerable post-Kavanaugh Trump Jr. has targeted are Missouri’s Claire McCaskill, Indiana’s Joe Donnelly, Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema, Tennessee’s Phil Bredesen, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, and Montana’s Jon Tester. Here are some of the tweets Trump Jr. has pushed out to his three million followers over the last week:

Bloomberg provides some more details on Trump Jr.’s so far highly successful campaign efforts (formatting adjusted):

In Republicans’ fight to maintain control of Congress, there are the wealthy free-spending super PACs, the president’s stadium-filled rallies, and the traditional party machinery. Then there’s Donald Trump Jr.

The president’s oldest son is taking time away from Trump Tower to hit the campaign trail, holding his own rallies and headlining private fundraisers for candidates in both GOP strongholds and swing districts. He plans to spend the majority of his time before the election on the hustings seeking to energize the party faithful, according to a person familiar with the matter. ..

This week, he held events in North Carolina and Georgia. He’s helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Ohio gubernatorial candidate Mike Dewine, Nevada congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian and Mark Harris’s North Carolina congressional race. Last week, Trump Jr. participated in five events for Senator Ted Cruz of Texas that raised some $460,000. Next week, he’s joining musician Kid Rock in a rally for Senate candidate John James in Oakland County, Michigan, an area that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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